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Monday, January 26, 2015

Flying a Plane with #GoogleGlass

I won a fantastic prize at a Lone Star Paralysis Foundation event - a flight from Lakeway to Fredericksburg, TX and lunch at the Hanger Hotel and Airport Diner.  Here's some photos and video from Google Glass of the flight.  I actually got to fly the plane for a little while too!

@WindAddict standing in front of the plane.

The video of me flying the plane for a little while.   Filmed with Google Glass.

The view of the lake from the sky. 

And here's another view of Earth. 

I decided to take a panorama photo of the inside of the plane.  It is pretty different from a commercial plane - as in LOUD. 

Check that out.  We use the Garmin to navigate. 

The Hanger Hotel has great diner favorites.  Here's the chocolate malt.  YUM!

And the 1940's decor was really cute too.  Flying in a private plane is an awesome experience.  It has certainly opened up my eyes the freedom of having your own plane.  If you have the opportunity, I'd highly recommend it!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Amazing Seafood and Amazing Views at Yeh Liu Geo Park in #Taiwan

On the final day in Taiwan, my uncle took us on a trip to the Yeh Liu Geo Park on the north side of Taiwan.  Leaving from the Taipei train station, you'll take the 1815 bus here. You won't get lost because there are tons of crowds going to the park. The big attractions here are these rock formations created through erosions - the most famous one being the Queen's head.

Many of these formations look like mushrooms, and here I am doing a Super Mario Brother's jump up onto the mushroom. *It was just a photo. No natural landmarks were harmed in the photos.

The views at the park were just beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

Even in all of its beauty, we're still having some laughs. I'm helping pick the Queen's nose.

@Windaddict gives the Queen a peck.

And then I pet a cat. It is really amazing that natural erosion could create something so complex and interesting.

This is a really good place for some soul searching and meditation.

The washing of the waves against the rock was spectacular to the point of hypnotic. If you're into looking at our beautiful planet, put this park on your list.

As we left the shop, there was an market of the seafood caught fresh. These are fairly small squid. They are about the size of my thumb.

Here's some small shrimp that are often fried to release their fragrance and added to rice and noodle dishes. 

These are conch's at the market. The seafood here is unbelievable.

Around the park, you'll see many fishing boats. These were squid boats being worked on by Phillipino fishermen. The lights on top of the boat would be lowered into the water late at night to attract squid. Nets would then scoop them up. You can see the particular squid in the previous photos.

Located around the park are plenty of seafood restaurants with ultra fresh fare. This isn't what we had, but I snapped a photo of someone else's food as it came whizzing by.

I'm telling you that the seafood is uber fresh. It is a little difficult to see the crabs with the moving water, but they are alive and fiesty.

And now they are cooked and delicious with thick noodles.

This was whole foods, but I already started to to deconstruct the entire thing and eat it. I've bee known to do that to fish - eat the entire thing that is.
These were some gingery and basil-y mussels. It is really difficult to describe the flavor of fresh seafood. Sweet and like the ocean air a commonality in the seafood we've had.  If you're in Taiwan, have seafood as much as possible. Taiwanese recipes will accentuate the flavor of the seafood and not cover it in heavy batter or sauces.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#Austin #Chefs did the Shuffle, and I graphed it. January 2015 Edition.

It has been a busy last few months keeping up with the chef shuffle, and I present to you the January 2015 of the Austin Chef Graph. I've added several restaurants that are still in construction, and re-configured the data structure a bit. I've also included the list of restaurants and chefs at the very end so that you can check to see if you, your colleagues, and restaurants are all all represented accurately. Any changes and additions are welcome at Jennie@misohungrynow.com.

Here's the link to the August 2014 Edition.  Links to this graph in PDF here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vsfjl0g49qevf44/2015%20Chef%20Graph%20MisoHungry.pdf?dl=0

The Chefs and Restaurants in alphabetical order:
Aaron Franklin
Abby Love
Alan Lazarus
Albert Gonzales
Alex Chong
Alexandra Manley
Allison Jenkins
Andrew Curren
Andrew Francisco
Andrew Lewis
Andrew McArthur
Andrew Wiseheart
Andy Sasser
Angel Begaye
Ben Hightower
Ben McBride
Ben Runkle
Brad Sorenson
Brandon Fuller
Brandon Martinez
Bridget Bishop
Bryce Gilmore
Callie Speer
Camden Stuerzenberger
Carlos Ysaguirre
Casey Fannin
Casey Wilcox
Chad Dolezal
Charles Bloemsma
Chris Andrews
Chris Hurley
Chris Teneyck
Clinton Bertrand
Daniel Olivella
David Bull
David Garrido
David Norman
DeeDee Sanchez
Ek Timrerk
Erica Beneke
Erica Waksmunski
Gilberto Ramirez
Grae Nonas
Harry Marmulstein
Harvey Harris
Iliana de la Vega
Jack Gilmore
James Holmes
James Robert
Jamie Chozet
Janina O'Leary
Jason Dodge
Jason Donoho
Jason Stude
Javier Franco
Jay Huang
Jeffery Martinez
Jennifer Costello
Jeramine Robinson
Jessica Maher
Jessie Griffiths
Jodi Elliot
John Antonelli
John Bates
John Lewis
John Mueller
John Summer
Jonathan Gelman
Jorge Hernandez
Josh Watkins
Julio-Cesar Flórez Zaplana
Karina Akhavan 
Kayo Asazu
Kendall Melton
Kent Black
Kent Rathburn
Kenzie Allen
Kerstin Bellah
Kyle McKinney
Larry Perdido
Laura Sawicki
Lawrence Kocurek
Libbey Goldberg
Lucky Sibilla
Luke Hursey
Mary Catherine Curren
Masa Hamaya
Mat Clouser
Matt Patrizi
Matt Taylor
Matthew Grimes
Michael Fojtasek
Michelle Archilla
Mike Diaz
Monica Glenn
Morgan Angelone
Moto Utsonomaya
Moto Utsunomiya
Nadine Thomas
Ned Elliot
Nic Patrizi
Olivier Calmut
Parid Vora
Paul French
Paul Hargrove
Paul Qui
Peter Maffei
Philip Anderson
Philip Speer
Phillip Anderson
Rebecca Meeker
Rene Ortiz
Rich Taylor
Rob Snow
Robert Jacob Drenan
Roman Murphy
Sam Dickey
Sandy Reinlie
Sarah McIntosh
Scott Kaplan
Shane Stark
Shawn Cirkiel
Skyler Golden
Sonya Cote
Stephen Shallcross
Steven Cak
Steven Dilley
Susana Querajazu
Takehiko Fuse
Takuya Matsumoto
Tastu Aikia
Thai Chanthong
Thomas Calhoun
Thomas Rae
Thomas Riodran
Tim Dornon
Todd Duplechan
Tom Micklethwait
Troy Knapp
Tyson Cole
Zach Davis
Zach Hunter
Zack Northcutt
24 Hour Diner
Angry Bear
Bar Mirabeau
Barley Swine
Bess Bistro
Black's Barbecue Austin
Boiler + 9
Burger Bar
Café Josie
Cipollina Bistro
Congress Austin
Counter 3. Five. VII
Dai Due
East Side Kings
East Side Showroom
Easy Tiger
El Arbor
El Chile
El Naranjo
Elizabeth Street
Finn & Porter
Fonda San Miguel
Foreign and Domestic
Fork & Taco
Fork and Vine
Green Pastures
Greenhouse Craft
Hillside Farmacy
Hole in the Wall
Hyde Park Bar and Grill
J Muellers
Jack Allen's
Jacoby’s Restaurant and Mercantile
Josephine House
Kin and Comfort
LA Barbecue
La Condesa Austin
Lucky Robot
Lucky’s Puccias & Pizzeria
Lucy's fried chicken
Mansion on Judge's Hill
Max’s Wine Dive Austin
Micklethwait Craft Meats
Mongers Market and Kitchen
Noble Pig
Odd Duck
Olive and June
Osteria Pronto
Paggi House
Papi Tino's
Pleasant Storage
Quality Seafood
Qui Austin
Ramen Tastuya
Red Star Southern
Red's Porch
Salt and Time
Salty Sow
Sawyer & Co
Scarlet Rabbit
Second Bar and Kitchen
Sienna Toscana
Snack Bar
Southwestern Bistro
St. Philip
Sugar Mama's
Swift's Attic
Thai Kun
The Bonneville
Trio Restaurant
Walton's Fancy and Staple
West Lynn Café
Westwood Country Club
Whole Foods
Wu Chow
Z Tejas