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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fancy Multicourse Meals in Taiwan: Seafood Heaven

While street food reigns supreme in Taiwan, fancy coursed meals are also a thing here. Just a note that if you ever attend a formal Taiwanese festivity, you need to wear your stretchy pants or stretchy dress.  You'll know these events from the round table set with 10-12 seats per table and a lazy Susan in the center. At these meals, be prepared for up to twelve courses of yum.
Here's some shots of fantastic courses we had at several fancy meals. This first one was a delicate piece of white fish rolled into a rose, steam on a spoon, and served with a light soy sauce and topped with thinly sliced veggies.
The next one looks like an ordinary rice dish, but it was far from ordinary. The nutty fragrance paired with the deeply umani mushroom and fried shallots was pretty amazing. I'm not sure what their secret to this amazing, yet every day dish was, but I would love to find out.
Next up was giant pork ribs. We are not talking small here.

 And followed by sea cucumber marinated in a savory sauce along with vegetables.

Being close to the sea, do expect the seafood in Taiwan to be amazing. It will probably spoil you for all other seafood, for real. This is lobster served with cured roe and scallops.
Shellfish was aplenty. All the time.
Shrimp split down the middle and served with soft tofu.
Braised pork hock with mushrooms.
I'm not sure how to describe this. It had tuna and squid and fish cakes. Think of it as appetizers.
This was a taro "cake." It had fried shallots in it along with a savory sauce.
A carved winter melon topped with scallops and surrounded y shellfish.
Whole fish is pretty common.
Lobster and noodles for lunch? Why, thank you!
Cubed Steak covered with garlic. Yep. That's pretty awesome.

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