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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Have Yourself a Brooklyn Little Christmas

For a joyful holiday, this year, consider having yourself a Brooklyn little Christmas. Brooklyn  Brewery needs no introduction to those who have been around the block in the beer world. For those who aren't as familiar with Brooklyn, they are one of the old guard. They were there early days of modern craft beer, they are the foundational contributor to the current state of craft beer, and they know how to have a good time.

Representatives from Brooklyn Brewery have been visiting the fair city of Austin for years doing dinners at the Alamo Drafthouse, cheese and beer at the Draughthouse, dinner at Olivia, and now the Brooklyn Mash Series of events. 

A big thanks to Brooklyn for having at their Austin Mash this year!

Torrent and his Brooklyn Bombers!

Well, well, Merry Christmas to me!
This year's Brooklyn Mash offered an array of fun events featuring some of the beer industries' finest. John Holl from All About Beer magazine,  Steve Hindy, Co-Founder of Brooklyn Brewery, and Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson were a few out of towners who hosted the series of events. Let's take a photo tour of the Brooklyn Mash events.

One of the events I attended was the Dinner Lab collaboration held at Vintage Innovation. We were served a lovely scallop crudo with cucumber, charred pineapple, and spicy herb jus.
with Wild Streak.
A big thanks to Choula for sponsoring some pairings.

Here's a beautiful view of the Sorachi Ace.

Roasted squash medley with butternut squash emulsion, alpine cheese fonduta, and candied pepitas.
with Galahad- strong Belgian-style golden ale aged on cider lees.

Venison tartare with rye bread, Jerusalem artichoke puree and syrup, and Cholula-pickled shallots.
with Sorachi Ace

Apples with cinnamon cream, apple butter, and semolina spiced crumble.
with Intensified Coffee Porter

At the three headed beast, the pigs wanted to join in the fun as well. I can't get over these smiles. Chef Zack Northcutt, Swift's Attic, probably had the same expression cooking them. 

The lovely ladies of Brooklyn Brewery meet Torrent, 10 weeks old at the time. That dog is going to have a cultured palate at this rate.

While Brooklyn Mash in Austin wasn't held around the holidays, the knowledge of the beer industry and the experience of fine foods and beers is something that can be enjoyed year round. However, it isn't too late to have a little Brooklyn Christmas.  The Local 1 and 2 are some of my go-to beers for parties and gifts, and you can pick up a few of their other beers. How about pairing the coffee with a dark chocolate pumpkin cake or Sorachi Ace with some pan fried scallops? That's a holiday worthy meal!