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Disclosures, Disclaimers, and Stuff You Might Ask

Do you get paid for this blog (or any other blog for that matter)?  No. I make zero dollars on my blogs and websites.  Occasionally, I get paid for events or activities that I do blog.  Those blog posts will start and/or end with a disclosure. 

Do you blog or tweet for Chenergy Consulting clients?  No.  I don't even follow them on Twitter.  I rarely execute social media strategies.
Do you get paid for your content, including photos?  No. All my content is copyrighted.  Outside contributions to my blog are noted in the blog post.

Who does your blog photos?  John Knox and I both contribute photos to this blog.  Those are also copyrighted. 

Do you contribute to other blogs or publications?  Yes.  Please email me if you would like to discuss an opportunity.

How do I get you to write about me or my company?  I do not guarantee content of any kind.  I do not promise to write product reviews.  Sometimes I write a review, and sometimes I create recipes. 

How do I get you to write about my event?  I don't guarantee posting events, but feel free to send me a press release anyways.  For dog events, please send the press release in addition to the organization's Twitter handle, Facebook fan page, and event web page.

Do you receive anything complimentary?  Yes. I am invited to hosted media events, tickets to festivals, and given product gratis.  If I choose to write about the event, food item, or product, I will disclose it explicitly in the body of the blog post.  Often gratis media events are called food blogger happy hours, media openings, or hosted events.  Complimentary dishes will be explicitly denoted in the blog post often in conjunction with a thank you to the restaurant or chef.  I do not accept all offers, and I do not write about everything I have received.

How do you disclose if items were complimentary outside of the blog?  On Twitter, I'll explicitly say that I'm at a media event, hosted event, or thank the chef/restaurant for their gift.  On other posting services, I'll use the following:

[comp] = complimentary items including meals or tickets
[gift] = gift from the brand or other party
[review] = review product
[media] or [guest] = hosted media event or invited guest
[client] = the brand is also a client. I do not have any clients in the food or beverage industry.
[paid] = the posting was paid for by a brand. 

What and who are sponsors on your websites?  Sponsors are people or businesses who have supported my events, organizational activities, or non-profit pursuits.  I do not personally or directly benefit.  These people and businesses are called supporters or sponsors.

How much does it cost to get my restaurant or retail store on the Keep Austin Dog Friendly list?  Not a dime.  It is all free for non-pet related, dog friendly businesses.  All pet-related listings (vets, trainers, and pet sitters) should direct their inquiries to SouthPaws Play School.