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Monday, February 22, 2010

Online Cultures and Offline Behaviors - Part 5 - Social Media's Growing Numbers

Part 5 - Social Media's Growing Numbers

And because I love numbers, here are some links to interesting articles with numbers.  The theme for these articles is that social media is a big deal, and the numbers of users is growing. - This site contains a plethora of data on bloggers and the state of the blogosphere. - Mind-blowing social media stats - Fred Wilson writes that blogs are becoming main stream.  Out with the old media, in with the new. - Fred Wilson has a microculture on his blog. Nice. - I love numbers. I love graphs.  Here's some data on co-hort analysis. - More Twitter data - Information travels fast via Twitter. - Old media evolving to stay alive. - Who's on twitter? - In old media?  Here's how to evolve. - Three new social media articles worth a read

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