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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Which steakhouse smells like brown butter? Ruth Chris's.

Ruth Chris's in downtown Austin invited a group of Austin bloggers to check out their menu, and needless to say, I left pleasantly surprised.  Of all things, I now associate the smell of brown butter with Ruth Chris's.  If you know the smell of brown butter, that is a good thing. A very good thing.  Photos by John M.P. Knox.

The meal started off with a nice bottle of wine. 

The stuffed mushrooms were fabulous. 

The crab cake was made with huge pieces of lump crap and covered with an incredibly rich sauce. 

I'm already a mushroom lover so it isn't a surprise that I found this dish fabulous.  Four different types of mushrooms.  Oooooooh yes.

Ruth Chris's steaks are prepared in a very particular fashion.  They are cooked at 1500 degrees, and finished with butter on a hot plate.  What that means is that by the time the steak gets to you, it smells of brown butter.  Brown butter + steak is pretty fantastic. 

Seared Ahi Tuna. 

Delicious creme brulee.

Amazingly taste like someone's grandma made it bread pudding.


  1. i still haven't made it to ruth chris's. i think it's because i know they're a steak house and i have crazy tmj. I am eying that bread pudding!

    jealous. my bf is going there for a bachelor party this saturday. to be a bachelor in attendance....

  2. I love the smell of butter period.