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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Rabbit and the Hat

The Rabbit and the Hat is another underground supper club organized by Abigail King and Mat Clouser.  Mat has worked at several well-known Austin restaurants, and he's working on something else new.  One of the neat components of the Rabbit and the Hat is the location.  It is not a restaurant.  It is not a party venue.  It is in a theatre that is dimly lit, mysterious, and even a little spooky at night.  If you're into unique and different, this supper club is for you. 

The tickets for this monthly club are available here on  For tickets to future dinners, google "the rabbit and the hat austin brown paper tickets."  A big thanks to the Rabbit and the Hat for inviting us to their test dinner.  Photos by John M. P. Knox.

The menu is displayed on the wall with a projector.  Different and cool. 

Here's our pre-dinner lounging area.  That stone wall in the back in completely.....fake.  It is a stage prop.  Can you say "Awesomely Austin?"

Passed appetizers were blue cheese stuffed dated wrapped in proscuitto.  I only ate six of them.  It was a test dinner.  I was just making sure they were good. 

The dinner table was in a recording room.  I think.  It was pretty dark, and the overhead lights and candles were the only sources of illumination. 

The first course was roasted beets, endive, citrus, walnuts & marjoram.  Beets must be the new potatoes.  Everyone's using them these days, and they are pretty delicious.  The tartness from the citrus brighten the sweet roasted beets.

The next course was maine scallop tiradito, cucumber, pignoli, and aji amarillo. These scallops were really fresh, sweet, and perfect with the toasted pine nuts.  

The main course was cornish game hen, red curried carrots, and braised radish.  This dish had a very rustic yet exotic feel with the curry and root vegetables.  I left nothing but a pile of bones on my plate. 

Chocolate and shortbread with blueberries for dessert. 

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