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Monday, March 28, 2011

@bandbmanbeer photos from the Beer Blogger's Conference 2010

Bull and Bush Brewery did a private tasting at the first Beer Blogger's conference.  In addition to tasting many delicious brews, I discovered that I really like spicy foods with bold stouts.  Jalapenos and the Legend of the Liquid Brain is pretty awesome. 

Here's the line up of beers.  One of my favorites was the Royal Oil. 

And pizza. there were actually more.

Delicious beer mustard.  Spicy, bold, and perfect with pizza crust.

An awesome way to serve ice cream.  I need one of these.

Ice cream made with Ghoul fuel.  Mmmmmmm........ yummy!

Here I am with my beer ice cream.  I'm happy.

Not only does Bull and Bush make beer, they make some spirits as well.

Some nearly four year old beer brandy.

The label is pretty awesome too. 

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  1. Great pics! Too bad I didn't make that lunch!!