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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cupcake Smackdown 3.0 Wrap up post

The party may be over, and from the looks of the photos, Cupcake Smackdown 3.0 was a blast (pun intended!).  The estimated attendance this year was 1,500 humans and 30 canines who gathered to enjoy cupcakes, local craft beer, bbq, shooting green pigs, and the photo booth.  Hungry Todd Rungy also broke a record of eating 6 sugar free cupcake in under 59.2 seconds to raise awareness for diabetes.  While the goal of Cupcake Smackdown(s) is to provide a community event to promote local businesses, the event also serves as a case study in social media.  For the last three years, Cupcake Smackdown was organized and promoted via social media only.  While we have received our fair share of earned traditional media (radio and television news), zero advertising dollars were spent on the event.  It can be done.   

A giant thanks to all of our sponsors (listed below) for making this event happen.  And a special thanks for all the breweries for providing delicious local craft beers at our parties.  I encourage everyone to check them out and to keep supporting our local breweries.  If you don't see them our your favorite bar, a little gentle coaxing can sometimes get more craft beers on the menu.  

There isn't enough space to post all the Cupcake Smackdown photos taken by Annie Ray, but here's the link to them.  I had a serious problem of trying to pick the cutest ones to include in this post. 


Photo by John M.P. Knox (@hopsafari)

There's me. Dressed like a pig.  Being shot with cupcakes.  Oink, Oink! Photo courtesy of @AndreaSchulle

Here's a list of blog posts, videos, and radio links about Cupcake Smackdown (to add yours, email or tweet me):!/1queenofspoons/statuses/76285094138093568

And a GIANT thank you to all of our sponsors:

A special thank you to @ChevyTexan for sponsoring the official #cupcakeriot vehicle.  I was completely spoiled by this fully loaded GMC Denali.  I did not want to give it back. 

The Denali had one of those cool windshield displays.  Pretty awesome. 

Photo by John M. P. Knox (@hopsafari)


  1. Thanks for organizing Cupcake Smackdown 3.0! Really appreciated the beer tasting section this year, and the Annie Ray photo booth was lots of fun too.