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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Luxury Gift Ideas for the Spirits and Beer Fancier

The holidays are around the corner, if you have food lover friends like me, you probably have the same problem.  I never know what to give those friends.  They have all the kitchen gadgets they could ever want.  They probably already have anything else they could ever want.  I usually resort to giving them gift cards to restaurants they like to visit.  This year, I opted to donate to two non-profits, The Lone Star Paralysis Foundation and Trigger's Toys, in honor of my friends and family instead of giving formal gifts.

There are a plethora of blog posts on homemade gifts, creative gifts, and artisan gifts.  This one doesn't fall into any of those categories.  If you have some extra cash to spend (like somewhere in the neighborhood of $300) on a beer or spirits connoisseur, I have two gift recommendations.  These are high end gifts, and packaged as so.  I have personally tried both of these.  While none of these are on my shopping list this year, they are something I will think about for future occasions. 

The first one is Casa Dragones - a sipping tequila.  I was invited to a tasting, and boy was I educated on sipping.  The tequila is crystal clear with a very complex nose that changes depending on where you hold the glass.  I got deep spice notes with an anise finish that lingers.  If you ever get the chance to try it, you'll understand why it is $300.  It is nothing like the tequilas that you use for mixing.  For the price point, you don't want to mix this one.

The bottle is beautifully handcrafted with many symbolisms carved right in by hand (look at the bottom).  Every tiny detail about this product has been thoughtfully chosen.  

Photo courtesy of Casa Dragones.

The second gift is the Sam Adams Utopias.  This high ABV beer is not readily available in all markets, but it is well worth the effort if you can get a bottle.  The 2009 batch was 27%.  I got a bottle a few years ago from Denver, and though it set me back a pretty penny, it was enjoyed by many at a private party.  The beer does not taste like a traditional beer.  Rather, it tastes like a fine aged bourbon, scotch or port.  The flavor profiles in each batch may vary.  It is only made every other year, and you'll have to pre-plan how you'll be getting your bottle.  Denver or on the East Coast are good options.  Asking friends in those areas to pick up a bottle for you is probably your best bet.  If you receive one of these for the holidays, someone really, really loves you. 

Photo courtesy of Sam Adams

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