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Monday, October 1, 2012

Nibbles and Bites at Higgins in Portland, OR

During my trip to Portland, Higgins was a name that come up, again and again.  So I ventured downtown for a bite.  The cocktail menu was quite classy, and definitely to date worthy standards.

I started off with a cocktail.  This one was the Pink Lady cocktail, colored with grenadine.  

Duck ravioli with an amazingly delicious pesto. 

These ravioli had great unami flavor. 

This smoked salmon, pickled peppers, and goat cheese was absolutely delicious. 

The flavors of crunchy crackers, salty smoked salmon, and tart pickled tomatoes and vegetables were a light and interesting snack. 

This cocktail is the Blood and Sand.  Much tastier than it sounds!

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  1. I'll have that duck ravioli right now, please. Wow, that looks amazing!