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Monday, February 24, 2014

China Cafe in New York City

During my tour of New York City with Pichet Ong, we had dinner at China Cafe with some friends.  China Cafe is a very small establishment, so reservations are appreciated with their 2013 Michelin Star. Some people waited quite a while, but we called ahead and booked a party of four.

Here's some of the dishes we tried, minus the scallion pancake (B4).  It was really soft in texture and incredibly flaky.  It was delicious! 

We started with dumplings (B11).  These were very delicious, just like mom made.

This was the crispy tea smoked duck (C8).  I wasn't in love with it though it was tasty.

Now this dish is my absolute favorite of the evening.  Pan fried lamb with scallion (C19) served with rice is amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  It was so good that it made all the other dishes seem just okay.  The sweet scallions covered with meaty drippings is amazing.  The lamb was also perfectly cook, tender and sweet.  I could probably eat that entire plate by myself.

There you have it: B4 and C19 at China Cafe.  Get them both and thank me later. 

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