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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bread in a Can & Who wants cupcakes?

Many moons ago, my friend Jillian gave me bread in a can as she could not longer eat it due to dietary issues. I finally decided to open it and attempt to eat it. It was edible, but um....... well, it's canned bread. It was dense, kind of flavored, but mostly tasted like preservatives. Can't expect much. Pictures below for your viewing pleasure.

I'm also thinking of 3 new cupcake flavors: Reese's, Nerds/Sugar Rush (the name for this is still up in the air), and Latte. I have some ideas so far, and experimenting will start this week. Since John is on sabbatical, I need taste testers. His co-workers are the usual taste testers. If you want some cupcakes this week, holla!

Reese's - 512 Pecan Porter chocolate cake, filled with a Peanut butter cream, topped with whipped cream.

Nerds/Sugar Rush - Sprite vanilla cake laced with Nerds, topped with Pixie stick whipped cream.

Mochachino or some other coffee name - 512 Pecan Porter chocolate cake laced with espresso, filled and topped with a chocolate mocha whipped cream and topped with chocolate covered espresso beans.


  1. Good god. That bread in a can looks NASTY!!!!!

    What are the chances of taste testing cupcakes at the food bloggers' deal this week? ;)

  2. Congrats on your new comments box! Those cupcakes sound awesome :-) Have a great week

  3. Ya know.... I could bring them. I already took some over to the neighbors.

  4. I used to LOVE that weird brown bread in a can when i was a kid....Haven't seen it in AGES. Not sure I would be brave enough to eat it now. HA HA HA. Thanks for bringing back memories.

  5. This is probably uncalled for, but if you look at what came from the can, then scroll up and look at the label (BM), its pretty self explanatory . . isn't it?

    Sorry, just couldn't help it. I have had this stuff before. I hate it.

  6. Blech! I always wondered what that stuff tasted like.