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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Night at Trio

Prime Beef Sashimi

It is no secret that I love TRIO. The food is fabulous, the view is gorgeous, the service is just fantastic. What's not to love? After the last food blogger event, I was in heaven. My review is here. I thought there was no way TRIO could out do that event, but they made a liar out of me. A big thank you to Paul, Mark, Camile, and Susie for making the evening absolutely phenomenal.

A group of ladies had Happy Hour at TRIO at the Four Seasons on a Monday night - organized by Allison. Just to show you how far TRIO went to make sure our evening was heavenly, not only did the staff expect us, they recognized us. If I didn't already have a lustful relationship with TRIO, I would have thought that they were stalking us. I started by a visit to the bar (I had chit chat with my favorite bar tender, Susie) and a glass a Reisling. When we got to the table, Allison and Jaye let the cat out of the bag. We were all presented with gift bags containing a $50 gift certificate to their spa services (can we say bomb diggity awesome??!!?) as well as some lotion and soap.

Baked Gulf Oysters, Shrimp, Bacon, Shoestring Potato

After the ladies had some drinks and eats, we were given a tour of the spa facilities by Paul. I'm a woman. Women like spas. The spa had large floor to ceiling windows that literally brought the outdoors right inside. Imagine getting a massage with a beautiful view of Lady Bird Lake and flowers. Eh? You like? I like. Also, available was cucumber water and granola bars. All spas should be like this.

Artisan Cheese Plate

Following the tour of the spa was a tour of the kitchen. Um...... yes. I love food. Need there be more words? Really.... Jennie in the Kitchen is a Happy Jennie. Oh, and I spotted a gigantic jar of Rooster sauce. *Insert rauncy joke here* After the kitchen tour, we are taken to the pool area. On the way, we pass by a chimea, and Paul tells us that they do smores with the kids out there on Friday and Saturday nights. Whoa, Stop. Smores at the TRIO? The ladies get excited. Is there an age limit on being a "kid?" We all want a part of this! Paul must be a ladies' man because he senses our adrenaline rushing. Paul insists that they build a fire and bring out smore ingredients. The ladies cannot resist, and we are all grinning like Chershire cats.

We finally get to the pool, which is absolutely paradise. Sunblock in pump dispenser, big fluffy white towels, and lounge chairs were all at pool users' disposal. Paul also told us that frozen grapes and Evian water spritz (to mist your skin) is offered every half hour. I think Allison nearly passes out from glee.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

The party moves back inside to order our last glasses of wine before paying our check, and Paul walks us and presents us with $25 gift certificates. He then proceeds to build a fire in the chimea while wearing his suit. I've decided that TRIO doesn't want to impress us, they want us to all marry Paul. Allison and I are taken, but the other six lovely ladies are still available.

We ended our happy 5 hours with smores on the gorgeous backyard of the Four Seasons over looking Lady Bird Lake. You're tired of reading text, you want more pictures. Makes you kind of mad that you skipped out, doesn't it? If you're a man, you're probably wishing that you were Paul.

Look at that Excitement!

Paul and Kris roasting marshmallows.

I'm happy. Jessican and Kris are happy. Are you happy?

We look like cheerleaders.

*Note: We didn't eat all the food pictured. Those pictures are from previous TRIO visits.

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  1. I love TRIO as well, and it sounds like you guys had an absolutely amazing experience! Lucky ducks--I'm jealous! :-)