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Friday, January 15, 2010

Beer and Garlic Fondue Recipe

During Black Friday Football 2009, I got a fancy electric fondue pot.  To celebrate many belated events and achievements (John's new iphone application went online, I accepted three jobs over the last few months), I decided that beer and garlic fondue would be an appropriate meal.  This recipe is the popular rue method of making fondue.  Enjoy!

Ingredients to serve two:
bullet2 tablespoons butter
bullet2 tablespoons flour
bullet8 oz lager (I used Samuel Adams Boston Lager)
bullet3-4 garlic cloves, minced or use garlic press
bullet4 oz L & D Appenzeller (mild hard cheese), cut into small cubes
bullet2 oz Cave aged Gruyere, cut into small cubes

Directions: In a sauce pan or an electric fondue pot, melt the butter slowly.  Add the flour and whisk it in vigorously.  If are using a fondue pot that doesn't have much heat (like those ceramic ones that are heated by tea lights), you need to make the fondue in a saucepan first before transferring it to your fondue pot.  Keep whisking the flour and butter mixture until the rue (butter/flour mixture used to thicken soups and sauces) is a golden brown.  At this point, stream in the beer while whisking.  It will probably foam and bubble.  Add the minced garlic to the mixture or use a garlic press to press it into the mixture.  Keep whisking until the mixture is like a thick gravy.  Add the cheese to the mixture one handful at a time while whisking.  Make sure the cheese is melted thoroughly before adding more cheese.  The aroma at this point should be intoxicating.  Once all the cheese is added, the fondue is ready to be served. Since I was only serving for two, I didn't buy large quantities of veggies that I had to wash and chop.  Instead, I roamed around Whole Foods Downtown picking up some fresh veggies from the salad bar and some prepared food from the deli, barbeque, and prepared dishes.  I chose 2-3 ounces of a variety of items which costs on average $1.50 per item. 

Traditional things to dip into the fondue:
bulletBread sticks
bulletCherry Tomatoes
bulletCubed Ham
Things I dipped:
bulletSeeduction bread cubes
bulletBoudin sausage
bulletSpinach and gorgonzola polenta cake
bulletRoasted Garlic Carrots and Parsnips
bulletFresh Green Beans
bulletFresh Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Peppers
bulletRoasted Maple Squash


  1. Pause. You accepted 3 jobs over the last few months?! Jennie! You are the most well time-managed, productive person that I know, I think. Are you available to teach seminars in organization? (Boom! Job #4)

    Oh and that beer/garlic fondue looks delicious. :) I was telling a co-worker about your liquor-laden cupcakes the other day. We both sighed...a little too loudly.

  2. Actually..... my company does offer organizational seminars. :o) One job is full-time, two of them are part time. It isn't too busy, not yet. I may eat my words.