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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Raw dining at 105 Degrees in Oklahoma City

During a trip to Oklahoma City, I visited 105 Degrees that was recommended by Cecilia Nasti.  105 Degrees was my first full raw dining experience, and well, it was certainly a different experience than most dining.  I won't jump into a long raw food blog post, but the premise is that the food is not cooked and still living.  There's plenty of debate over eating raw and the types of raw eater, and let's not touch that debate.  I will mention that I do feed my dogs a raw diet (which is just as controversial), and I am a strong proponent of it. However, I'm not a raw eater myself.  Enough with the introduction, let's jump into the food.  Photos by yours truly (me this time).

I loved the space in the lines in this open kitchen restaurant.  The bar was gorgeous, and the outdoor patio seemed like a nice place to chill in warmer weather (pardon my pun). 

I ordered the barbecued kale chips as they were highly recommended on Yelp.  I have to say that these were pretty tasty.  Light, non-greasy, and perfectly crunchy: these were a great snack. 

These were the kimchi vegetable dumplings with sesame ginger foam.

The kimchi centers were mixed with something to give them some sort of pastey filling texture.  I think it might have been nuts or coconut cream of sorts.  The kimchi flavor was tempered with whatever it was mixed with so that it wasn't too over powering.  The wrapper of the dumpling was make with dehydrated veggies, and I can't remember exactly which veggie now. 

I had originally ordered the coconut curry with smoked cashew custard, and it wasn't one of my favorites.  I think it just wasn't my style of dish.  

These were the red pepper ravioli filled with spinach, walnut pesto, and sage. 

The wrapper of the ravoli was made with dehydrated red peppers, and I thought the spinach filling was pretty tasty albeit just a bit salty.  Combined with the walnut pesto and sage, the flavors were pretty amazing. 

For dessert, I ordered a tasting plate with some substitutions.  From 12 o'clock going clockwise on this plate, I had hot chocolate hazelnut float, chocolate hazelnut cake, Meyer lemon cheesecake with candied almond crust, house made ice cream and berry sauce, and a snickerdoodle macaroons.

The chocolate hazelnut cake was amazing.  Absolutely amazing in flavor and consistency.

My favorites out of this offering was the Meyer Lemon cheesecake and the chocolate hazelnut cake.  Check out the destruction. 

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