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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sake and Sushi Pairing Dinner at Kenichi Austin

I was a lucky girl to be invited to Kenichi's Sake and Sushi pairing dinner, and now you all get to live vicariously through John Knox's photos.  Check out the photo stream for even more photos. Michelle Cheng ( has already written a wonderful review of the dinner, so I'll indulge you with some food porn.  Also, I think if I write too much and have to stare at these photos, I'll be hungry again. 

Here's Chef Mark giving us the introduction on the dishes.

Amuse of textured beets with spring onion dashi.  I loved the beet chips, and they tasted like my favorite and beloved Terra chips.  Paired with the utterly delightful carrot infused TyKu "Black" Ginjo. 

I had a different very of this dish before previously, and let's just say, I'm in love with hit.  Scallop brulee with smoked fuji apples and mizuna paired with Tyku "White" Daiginjo.  The smoked apples and scallop were amazing in flavor and texture.

Chef Mark can make a mean soup.  Udon soup with radish, uzura (quail egg), and black cod cakes paired with Watari Bune "55" Junmai Ginjo. This soup had homemade udon noodles, and the broth was incredibly comforting. You have know that I grew up on Asian soups, so a well done soup has a special place in my heart.

Here's Brandi taking us on an educational sake tour throughout the night. 

Tai sashimi served with white soy and lemon vinaigrette, negi, grapes, crispy rice, and balsamic creme paired with Shichi Hon Yari "7 Spearsman* Junmai.  I got so hungry halfway through typing this sentence that I went to get some food. 

I'm back with some food next to me now.  This is steamed sea bass with coconut and candied ginger paired with Minogawa "Awa Yuki" Nigori Junmai.  The coconut flavors of this dish were riding that line between savory and sweet and perfectly balanced with the utterly delicious sea bass.  I admit. I licked my plate.

Shangjai kurobuta pork belly with pickled cherry congee paired with Tentaka Kuni "Hawk in the Heavens" Junmai.  Again, Chef Mark went for my comfort foods with that congee.  I'm not sure which is better: pork belly or really satisfying comfort food. 

Sweet kabocha dumplings with blood orange, strawberries, and creme fraiche gelato paired with Kenichi "Tankuki's Magic" Daiginjo.  I'm going to get some more food now. 

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  1. Wow, everything on here looks amazingly delicious! I have a few bottles of Tyku at my house already, it is my favorite sake, I would have never thought to cook with it. Yum :)