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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Barbeque Trailer in the Middle of Nowhere, otherwise known as Roan's Prairie

You know the saying.  The further away from civilization, the better the barbeque.  I was driving back to Austin from Huntsville, TX when this little gem was spotted.  It was a trailer at a four way stop in Roan's Prairie, TX.  The last documented statistic I could find from the year 2000 stated that the population of Roan's Prairie was 56.  Given the small population and trailer set up, I had to try them. 

Here it is.  The trailer in all its glory.  I was asked what I did for a living as I wasn't one of the regulars that drove by this stop.  I told him, and they were surprised.  Yes, really, I'm an adjunct professor.  They claimed that I looked like I was 18 years old.  There was no way, according to the trailer-keeper, that I was old enough to teach.  I'm plenty old! 

The menu is pretty inexpensive.  I was about to get a three meat plate, chopped bbq sandwich, and a dessert for less than $20. 

This trailer is not fancy.

Mmmmm.......... the delicious smoked meat.  It is true.  The smaller the town, the tastier the bbq. 

This homemade pecan pie was also wonderfully simple and easy.  Sometimes desserts just don't need muss and fuss. 

If you're ever driving through Roan's Prairie, stop on by and grab some meat. 

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