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Thursday, February 17, 2011

@NoblePigAustin - Pork so tasty, you'll forget about how cute they are

The Noble Pig is a drive, a long, long, long drive into the Northwest corner of Austin, TX.  And this is a drive that is worth it.  I had a couple of coupons I purchased for the Noble Pig due to the recommendation of many others via the Twitterverse, so @windaddict/@hopsafari and I made the trek up there. 

Here's some little piglets (not edible) I found at the shop.  They are pretty darn cute if you ask me. 

This was the BLT – House smoked bacon, lettuce, and roasted tomato.  It was pretty darn fabulous. Photo by @windaddict.

This was the The Noble Pig - Spicy Ham, Pulled Pork, Provolone, and Bacon. Photo by @windaddict.

And this was the brisket sandwich special.  I can't remember what was all in it, but it was darn good.  Photo by @windaddict.

The consistent factors that made these sandwiches awesome were 1. juicy, but not greasy meat 2. pork flavor 3. deliciously soft bread and 4. the flavor combinations of the dressing and other sandwich ingredients.  The execution of the three sandwiches were also perfect.  These are some of the best sandwiches I've ever had.  The only beef I have with Noble Pig is the hour long drive to get there, but it a well worth the drive.  If you're anywhere close to Northwest Austin, and you desire a sandwich that would bring @baconator to his knees, stop by the Noble Pig.  You'll be happy you did. 

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