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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Emeril's Table 10: BAM!!!!!

Table 10, an Emeril Lagasse Restaurant, was another one of those highly recommended Vegas restaurants, so we decided to check it out.  Lunch was a fantastic experience that set us back about $75 for two.  It was so good that we decided to make a second visit during happy hour.  Unfortunately, happy hour was advertised as 3-7 pm on their website and Foursquare, but it was actually 3-6 pm.  They changed the hours in June, but didn't bother to change the website or Foursquare for almost six months! We didn't have in the budget to spend another $75 on drinks and a snack; so we decided to opt for other dinner plans (turned out to be the comped dinner at Wicked Spoon). 

It was quite a heavy lunch, and well worth the calories.  We started with roasted beef marrow, and was so sinful. 

The bread at Table 10 was divine.  The addition of unami laden, gelatinous, melty fat made it even more sinfully delicious. 

It isn't the prettiest food, but it sure is tasty.

We had some leftovers that I gave to my sister when we arrived back in Austin.  I got a giddy phone call about it about 10 minutes later. 

Uh-oh, what happened to all the bone marrow? 

We also had the braised beef cheeks.  I liked the dish, but the magic of the roasted beef marrow overshadowed this dish. 

I got the gumbo, which was a perfect gumbo.  However, it was overshadowed by the po'boy pictured below. 

This was the best po'boy I've ever had.  The bread was lightly crunchy, and incredible soft and fluffy on the inside.  The pork was perfectly seasoned, tender and juicy with fat.  I'd order this sandwich again, in a heartbeat.  I would have loved to try the muffaletta (served during happy hour), but alas, no happy hour for us during this Vegas trip. 

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