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Monday, February 27, 2012

SXSW Post: New Bars for Hopping

Austin's food and drink scene is every changing.  With the rise of microbreweries and the craft cocktail movement booming in Austin, be glad that there are new bars popping up to quench your thirst.  I haven't been to all these bars so I can't attest to their menus.  These new bars were opened in the last 12 months.  Happy SXSW New Bar Hopping!

400 Rabbits Bar  5701 W Slaughter Lane  Austin, TX 78739  (512) 861-7069

Bar IIegal   609 Davis St  Behind Clive Bar  Austin, TX 78701   (512) 494-4120

Beer Exchange 706 West 6th Street Austin, TX

Corner Bar 1901 S Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78704

Dive Bar and Lounge  1703 Guadalupe St  Austin, TX 78701  (512) 482-3483
Draft Pick  1620 East Riverside Drive  Austin, TX 78741  (512) 444-7425

Drink.Well   207 E 53rd St  Austin, TX 78751   (512) 614-6683

Easy Tiger  709 East 6th Street Austin, TX  512-614-4972

The Frontier Bar  2421 Webberville E  Austin, TX 78702  (512) 243-7153

Grackle  1700 E 6th St  Austin, TX 78702  (512) 520-8148

Hopfields  3110 Guadalupe St. Austin, Texas 78705  512-537-0467

Midnight Cowboy  313 E 6th St  Austin, TX 78701  (512) 843-2715

The Rattle Inn  610 Nueces St  Austin, TX 78701  (512) 373-8306
SquareRut Kava Bar  6000 S Congress Ave  Ste 106   Austin, TX 78745   (512) 382-9293

Violet Crown  1111 E 6th St  Austin, TX 78702   (512) 614-4461
White Horse  500 Comal St  Austin, TX 78702


  1. Great list Jennie. There are two on here that I haven't visited before. Appreciate the help in finding good cocktails.

  2. Good list, but a bummer that there aren't any Rainy Street bars on here.

  3. There are two on here that I HAVE visited before! I am lame.

  4. @HWelch, There haven't been any new bars on Rainey Street opened in the last 12 months.

  5. Great list! Thanks for putting in the phone numbers too. i can't wait to try Drink Well!

  6. There are several on this list I hadn't even heard of. Way to ferret out the new spots for us to try! Also, this reminds me that I need to go back to Hopfield's and have a meal...

  7. Great list! Can't wait to try some of these out.

  8. 400 Rabbits is on my list to try - good job, Jennie!

  9. Great list! I've heard SO much about Easy Tiger and Hopfields...I guess I need to get out there!

  10. My drinking buddies live in SA, so I'll have to refer to this list when they come up to visit!

  11. Easy Tiger is on my list (although more for the bakery than booze :P )

  12. Okay, I'm just going to ask it. Which one is the best for the aging hipsters, please? (I need to find my peeps!)