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Monday, April 23, 2012

Lunch at @FallCreekWines with @ChefJoshWatkins of @CarillonAustin

I must say that I am fortunate.  Fortunate and spoiled rotten that I have really awesome friends.  Chef Josh Watkins invited @Windaddict/ @HopSafari and I to spend the weekend at Fall Creek Vineyards.  I had already met Susan Auler of Fall Creek Vineyards many times before, but this was my first time visiting. 
The weekend included a wine pairing lunch on Saturday at noon, and you'll get to see some behind the scenes pictures. 

We arrived to rows and rows of grape vines.  The setting was absolutely gorgeous.  This was Texas Country.

Before dinner, Ed and Susan Auler took us on a trip on the Fall Creek Ranch.  This is Fall Creek Falls.  It was stunning and serene at the same time.  We stopped for some wine and smoked Alaskan salmon caught by Ed Auler on a trip to Alaska!

During our visit to this Native American meeting ground, Ed gave us the scoop.  There were many inhabited caves in this area as well as artifacts found.  The large upright rocks in the right of the photograph were considered religious landmarks.  Many of the artifacts found in this area were smooth boat stones.  They look like larger flat pieces of stone that were used as a mortar and pestle to for grinding.  You can see some of these artifacts in the Fall Creek Tasting Room

Dinner Friday night was prepared by the lovely Sarah Watkins.  She shared her secret cornbread treat with us.  A mixture of honey, truffle oil, porcini powder, and salt.  Mix together for a taste of heaven!

I also had to sample some cassia flower sorbet.  Just to make sure it was good enough for lunch. 

Chef Brad Turner steals a bite in the kitchen!

Smoky rosemary ribs, potato salad, and jalapeno cheese cornbread served with the amazing honey truffle and porcini sauce.  Thank you, Sarah for the fantastic meal!

The next morning began with even more fun.  Did I mention that the Watkins and Aulers are all sorts of fun?  Here's Josh playing peek-a-boo in the pea tendrils. 

On the menu are is sous vide veal set at 130 degrees.  Oh yes, oh yes!

Chefs Josh and Sarah sit down for a break after the salads were plated.

But right after, Josh is back in the kitchen slicing up the veal.  Mmm..... veal.

The salad was White Asparagus Salad, Manchego Cheese, wrapped with White Anchovies, Arugula, and
Minus 8 Vinegar served with Spicewood Vineyards 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, Texas Hill Country, Estate.

 I didn't get many photos of the main course as we were plating like fools.  Food was flying out the door at about one plate ever second or so.  Whew! It was a bit crazy.  The main course was a Veal Tenderloin Sous Vide with Mesquite Smoked Syrup, Paprika Oil, and Fingerling Potato Puree served with Fall Creek Vineyards Tempranillo, Salt Lick Vineyards, Texas Hill Country, 2009.  The veal was amazingly tender and the potatoes were so buttery that you'd think Paul Deen was in the house.

Sarah and Josh start on the desserts.  Plieno actually made the desserts, but we plated and served them.  I could write something rated PG-13 about chocolate, but we'll keep what happens at Falls Creek, stays at Falls Creek. 

The dessert was Manjari Financier, Averna Mousse, Cherry Pudding, Espresso Ganache, Cassia Flower Sorbet, and Cocoa Nib Nougatine served with  Gotas de Oro, Texas, 2010.  It was, as usual, interesting in flavors, textures, and oh-so-yummy!

And because no lunch is complete without a good burping, here's a photo of Josh and baby Cash, post bottle burping.  A huge thanks to the Watkins and the Aulers for inviting us out for a fabulous weekend. 

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  1. Thanks for your help! Its us whom are lucky to have freinds like you guys!

    -tha watkins's