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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dessert Project #3 @CarillonAustin

What happens when you put some of the hottests pastry chefs in the same kitchen?  You get a decent fill of deliciousness.  A big thank you to Chefs Plinio Sandalio of Carillon, Philly Speer of Uchiko, and Steve Cak from Parkside for inviting me to the Dessert Project Experience, where pastry chefs do dinner. 

The first dish up was an amuse bouche made up of a trio of cauliflower.  From a puree to bright shades, it was as amusing to the eyes it was to the palate. 

Why yes, I did run around to the back to watch the plating.

The plate reminded me of Mardi Gras.  Show me your beads?

I caught chefs taking photos all night long.  Here's Philly.

This dish was the Maine Scallop with Celery Root, White Chocolate, and Kumquat.  You might think that the dish would be too sweet, but it was perfectly balanced in flavor and texture.  I could eat this up all night long.

Caught Chef Steven Cak in the act!

This drop dead gorgeous dish has got to be my favorite borscht so far.  It is Warm Borscht, Corned duck, Red and Golden Beets, Caraway Rye, Granny Smith Apple, and Creme Fraiche.

The borscht was poured at the table, and it was rich with favor and interesting in texture.  If you didn't like borscht before, please see Chef Steve Cak for an attitude adjustment.

The next dish was Crispy Beef Tongue, Corndog Puree, Red Cabbage Kimchi, and Sriracha Jus.

It was kind of like a corn dog, kind of sort of, but way better.

Next was a little sorbet with basil seeds that wasn't on the menu.  It was a lovely palate cleanser.

And here's the plating of the Red Cabbage Creme Brulee.

Beets with white chocolate and pistachio.  This dessert reminded me again, of how vegetable can have a place at the dessert plate.  The subtle yet distinct flavor of the red cabbage in this offering was like the veggies snuck up on you.

The final tasting of the night were little Chouxs filled with Plinio's Trentino Gelato.  I've had the Bill Norris Honey Mezcal, and it is pretty darn tasty as well.  I would highly recommend them.

Hello, Lovely Chouxs!

The Happy Chefs!

More Happy Chefs!

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