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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Locks of Love Donation with @Stetted & Tina at @SirensSalon_ATX

You might have noticed that my hair was starting to look something like a horse's tail.  It was time again. Time to donate the long locks to Locks of Love.  I'm so happy to announce that two lovely ladies, Megan Myers (@Stetted) and Tina Jiang joined me this year in donating to Locks of Love.  This donation is Megan and Tina's second time to donate.  The last time Megan had a haircut was three years ago, and I had never seen her with anything but long hair.  Thanks to Megan and Tina for dedicating their time and effort to the cause.

Growing long hair isn't at easy at it seems.  Not only is it a long-term commitment, it takes daily maintenance and care.  I generally don't style my hair with heat to keep it healthy, and keeping it from breaking is somewhat of a hassle.  It isn't uncommon to wake up to find that my hair has wrapped itself around my neck.  That's always fun!

Before we move on, a very big thanks goes to Sirens Salon for donating haircuts to Megan and myself.

There's the long hair.  Hello, we've been together for about 23 months, since the last donation.

Megan (@Stetted) with her long locks.

Mine is almost ready to go.  I had about 14 inches to donate.  No rated R jokes please.

Just a few moments before the donation.

Megan looks pretty pleased that all that hair is gone!

Here's a video of the donation. 

Tina Jiang wasn't able to take part of the haircut at Sirens Salon, but she was able to provide us with this photo of her hair.  Yay!

Here's the back of the post donation haircuts.

And the front.  We're really happy to have short hair for the searing temperatures to come.  A big thanks to Sirens Salon for sponsoring our donation!

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