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Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 Great American Beer Festival Kicks up the Food

In my previous post, I talked about how food was really important to beer now.  I think the food this year was vastly improved on all fronts.  The food at the media lunch was excellent, and the word was that the food at the concession stands during the sessions was also improved.  Additionally, the food at the Farm to Table Pavilion was really good this year too.  See for yourself!

Why thank you, Viking!  I love the range.  Just kidding.  I only wish I could take it home. 

This fabulous panna cotta with a deep fried hop flower was really tasty.  Bitter and floral hops with sweet, creamy panna cotta was amazing. 

Here's a shout out to some local breweries.  Jester King's Weasel Rodeo was paired with a dark chocolate cake. 

And another Jester King Noble King paired with fatty meats and sundried tomato. 

This was a very tasty grilled Hawaiian ahi paired with Acradia Sky High Rye. 

This is a classic pairing.  Fatty, I mean flavorful sausage paired with Smuttynose IPA. 

And another classic pairing. sweet chocolate paired with Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale. 

I can't really claim that these are a tasty pair, but aren't they good looking pair?  Rumor is that Firestone Walker is coming to Texas soon!

This was an intriguing brittle.  Crispy pork skin brittle.  Ohhhhhhhhh yes...........!

The chefs didn't play around this year.  Not at all. 

Portion sizes were nothing to snicker at either!

I'm pretty much in love with this dish.  Salmon skin.  You had me at salmon skin. 
And a really BIG piece!

There's Sebbie from Rogue Ales.  I love that woman!

The Cheese Society made sure that everyone got their fill of cheese this year. 

The cheese tasting line was about 90 minutes deep.  We really, really love our beer and cheese!
Congrats to the production team that pulled off a fantastic beer and food experience this year!

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