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Monday, December 3, 2012

Restaurant Find: Papi Tino's in East Austin

I had the great pleasure of being invited to a mezcal pairing dinner hosted by Zagat at Papi Tino's.  This is easily my greatest restaurant find for 2012.  I rarely venture out to the East Side, and I definitely didn't expect this caliber of execution.  I am determined to go back to try the rest of the menu.  I'm getting the tulip petals.  Needless to say, let the eating begin. 

The outdoor space was blissfully decorated.  Simple yet interesting. 

The first course was Oaxacan cricket tostada al albanil.  This photo freaked out some of my friend on Facebook.  I'm in many other communities that didn't know I was into "weird" foods.  Needless to say, I'm sure there was screaming, freaking out, and passing out on their end.  I actually quite liked the crickets.  They were rather crunchy, like bacos or those French fried potato sticks people put on casseroles. 

This dish was the grilled Garra de Leon scallop in a mango and zoconostle sauce tossed with pomergranate caviar and crispy sweet potato julianne.  The scallop was perfect.  Absolutely perfectly executed. 

If you didn't think that scallops were decadent enough, the next dish was Caribbean Lobster medallions with grilled button mushrooms filled with epazote requeson in a creamy chipotle lobster and tamarindo habanero sauce.  I'm not sure where the flavors came from.  I am interested in coming back for more of this deliciousness.  I'm pretty sure that by this course, I proclaimed my fan girl love to the chef a few times. 

The sixth course was a watermelon and strawberry raspado with a twist of basil served in a cucumber cup.  They spherified the watermelon and strawberry.  Genius.  Perfect with the mezcal and perfect for the breezy summer night. 

This was one of my favorite desserts.  It combined many of favorite flavors - figs, plantains, coconut, and smoke into an utterly delightful package.  The official name of the dish was Mesquite charbroiled plantain wrapped in banana leaves with coconut foam and fig mole. 

This dessert was so delightful that I almost ate my neighbor's portion.  Rather, I tried to eat my neighbor's portion.  A big thank you to Papi Tino's for inviting me to an eye opening, Facebook friends shocking, and utterly delicious evening. 


  1. Holy crap, this place looks like nirvana for adventurous eaters! I can't wait to check it out - thanks so much for the rec.

  2. Love the presentation! Looks delicious too.