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Monday, July 14, 2014

An Epic tasting at Eleven Madison Park, New York City

You probably think I'm a little spoiled.  That is true.  When in New York City, I had the great fortune to meet up with the talented chef Tim Dornon for dinner at Hanjan, and then a quick happy hour to check out his new establishment, Eleven Madison Park.  EMP is can only be described as grand and epic.  I mean EPIC.  Take a look below to get a full understanding of epic. 

This is a photo of the luggage check tab.  I took a photo of it because I'm partial to the Swiss shield.  I happen to have Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, so I feel partially Swiss.  My house is already decorated with Swiss items. 

This bread looks beautiful on the outside.  You can see the delicate layers from the top, and if you could feel it, the outside is like a fragile faberge egg.  Once you break into the bread, you'll discover that it is like butter meets clouds.  That is the only accurate way to describe it.  The bread was already epic, and it was the first thing I devoured. 

Before we jump into the next dishes, order some cocktails.  They are exceptional.  This one is the Prince of Humbugs. 

Next up was the foie gras with pear and balsamic.  This is one rich, yet incredibly balanced and interesting dish. 

I really don't think that words do this dish or the following dishes any justice. 

Lobster salad, razor clams, kale, sea urchin, and gelee. 
The pristine presentation is a beautiful piece of art. 

The lobster salad inside was sealed in the claw with lobster custard.  If there was anything that might make me feel as spoiled as the characters of Downton Abbey, this would be it. 

Poached lobster and razor clams in sea urchin foam and kale. 

The attention to detail and obvious high level of execution here is mind blowing.  Also, morphing familiar flavors into different textures in both of the seafood dishes was an interesting treat.  This dish was layers of ocean flavors in a variety of mediums - poached with meaty textures and elegant foam.  Yes.  This was epic.  

And here's a view of the inside of Eleven Madison Park.  It is beautiful.

And Grand.  A big thanks to Chef Tim Dornon for making my visit to NYC extra epic!

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