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Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern Korean Cuisine at Hanjan, New York City

During a trip to New York City, I had the absolute honor of trying out Hanjan, a modern Korean restaurant.  The food was was utterly stunning with contemporary twists on traditional flavors.  I'm so thankful for the experience. 

I didn't look at the menu so I can't say for certain which dishes these were, except absolutely delicious.  The tofu pictured above was cool, firm, yet silky and creamy.  The sauce on it brought back nostalgia like no one's business. 

For the kimchi enthusiasts, this offering is sure to please.  Not only was the kimchi perfectly executed, the perfectly stacked and aligned leaves were nothing short of perfect presentation. 

Get some skewers.  Like all of them.  Korean grilled meats some of my favorite dishes. 

This is probably the best seafood green onion pancake ever.  The seafood and green onion were enclosed in crispy wonderfulness.  This is like traditional green onion pancake on crack. 

I think these were the spicy dumplings.  They were wondeful pillows of spicy goodness.  Eat with the egg yolk to truly experience what it feels like to be rich. 

And more skewers. 

And this fried rice was just done well.  Really well.  There were little crunchy caramelized bits at the bottom, which indicates you did it correctly. 

And for dessert, some sorbets and red beans.  I was in food heaven when I tried these.  They were slightly sweetened, clean, and refreshing.  Thank you, Hanjan, for the hospitality!  I will be back in the future. 

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