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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

St. Philip's Pizza Crust from Heaven

St. Philip is nothing short of answered prayers. We now have it - another amazing restaurants in South Austin to join the likes of Lenoir, Sway, and Odd Duck. Here's some recommendations from my first visit.  *Disclosure: I really like Uchi, Uchiko, and the staff there. I guess I'm biased in that I'd like their next venture.

1. Get a beer. Their beer list is thoughtfully crafted so you ought to start with one.

2. Meatballs. I had the chicken meatballs, and I dipped my pizza crust in the white sauce. The meatballs are so juice and flavorful. The flavor of chicken comes through while being perfectly balanced with the spices, herbs, and sauce.

3. Pizza. Specifically the mushroom pizza. The crusts of the pizzas are amazingly tender and fluffy with a crispy bottom. It is like eating clouds of heaven. My heaven is pretty awesome. The mushrooms pizza is drizzled with an utterly delicious umami sauce that is pretty much savory orgasm in a bottle. The mushrooms were so earthy and meaty that it was as if you were eating in the middle of a forest. I was one with nature, and a pizza.

I had some left over pizza the next morning. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes!

4. We were gifted with a dish of potato chips. If you thought something s basic couldn't be improved, you are wrong. These chips are delicately paper thin with a salty and tangy crunch. Do not skip.

5. A version of chicken and churros that is sure to make you go "Wha?"

5. Pick up some goodies on your way out.

Like these fine buttery goodies.

Or this lovely chocolate smores snowball? 

St. Philip is still has a few days to go before they officially open to the public on Oct. 2nd. I hope you can wait until then!

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