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Monday, November 10, 2014

#Taiwan Cafes and Bakeries: Donutes and 85C

Let me take you on photo tour of coffee shops and bakeries in Taiwan. Two shops in particular (who also happen to have locations directly across the street from each other in Taichung) are Donutes and 85C.
Happy Pandas.
Donutes had a big banner hanging outside for having the number one Melonpan Danish. For about $1 USD, I decided to try one. It is hands down one of the best danishes, pastries, baked product I have ever had in my entire life. The only thing that comes remotely close to the melonpan at Donutes is the bread at Eleven Madison Park in New York City. I’m on a mission now to recreate this utterly delicious, fluffy, buttery, gift from the baking gods. I kid you not. This puff of sunshine is a game changer. Once I perfect my copycat recipe (the next post), I’ll post it here. *I did try melonpan at other bakeries, and I deem Donutes to be the very best by far.

Melonpan at Donutes. This is a unicorn of pastries.

The melonpan.

My cousin introduced us to the 85C sea salt coffee, which might sound like something you can find in the United States, but it isn’t. Most of the salted caramel drink in the US are overly sugarly with flavor syrup. the 85C coffee is NOT that. It is a Sea Salted foam that is super creamy, super structured, and super buttery. The foam’s texture is nothing short of a molecular gastronomic feat, and mine stayed foamed for several hours later. I was going to work on a recipe for it, but I decided against it as I can’t imagine people making a foam meringue at home when they can just add a little salt to their steamed milk and get a easy imitation of the flavor.

This little snowman is beyond cute.

The Sea Salt Buttery foam.

Here’s some photos from various other bakeries. I want to emphasize the amazing skill that goes into these cakes and pastries. If you happen to be in Taiwan, do indulge on these treats.
Cake sandwiched between layers of pastry.

Close up.

Angry pumpkins.

Egg crepe cake.


Flaky pastry wrapped around a blueberry sandwich.

Perfectly golden buns.

A variety of moon cakes

Macarons, Hello Kitty style.

Perfectly groomed maltese.

Crazy birthday cake!

That is some fancy chocolate sculpture you got there.

Cakes can look like anything.

These little guys are just too cute!

These are absolutely beautiful.

Cream puffs.

I can smell the butter in this photo.

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