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Friday, November 7, 2014

You'll Fall in Love with the Color Blue in Kenting #Taiwan

If you're on the south side of Taiwan, you'll want to hop in the car and take a trip down to Kending (or sometimes written Kenting). Once you're there, you'll fall in love with the color blue. My cousin drove us down to Kending for a two day trip that was a feast for the eyes, mouth, adrenaline receptor sites, and the soul. 

One thing that you'll need to know about Taiwanese is that they are really good at selling things. We have tons of things to sell from food on a stick, Hello Kitty socks, and souvenirs (especially if you look like a tourist). When we arrived at the South Bay Recreation in Kenting, we were quickly greeted by someone selling floatie rides in the water pulled by jet skis, and after some discussion, we were game. The salespeople for these water adventures are very direct and very available. Don't worry about having to go find one. They will find you, and they are highly skilled lead generators. Not only are the super good at sales, they are also efficient. As soon as money changed hands, she radioed a jet ski driver for our giant floatie ride, and we were off. The Taiwanese see no sense in wasting time.

I wasn't able to take any photos while I was on the ride, as I would wind up with a water logged camera. However, here's some photos of other people enjoying their rides.

  • There are a several different floatie shapes that you are able to select. The banana is by far the easiest ride. The taco was pretty difficult to hang on.
  • This is not for the faint of heart. I often felt that our jet ski driver was having more fun than we were; spinning us around, laughing as we experienced more G's that than Donald Trump as in his bank account. You can ask the driver for a "slower" ride, but what's the fun in that? I think this would be my perfect retirement job.
  • Use a hook grip to hang on.
  • Enjoy being in the beautiful blue waters. The waters here are such enchanting ombres of blue that you'll fall in love with a color. The deep blue waters were so crystal clear that you could see the coral on the ocean floor. If you want to get a taste of what it looks like, may I suggest watching The Life of Pi on a giant screen in the dark? Some of the scenes were filmed in Taiwan, and you'll get a little taste of what I mean.
Those jet ski drivers are patiently waiting for customers.

The ombre of blues. Just imagine being in those waters. This photo was taken off of nearby cliffs. There are several places in South Taiwan to get these fantastic views.

Amazing sunset on the beach.

For dinner, it only seemed logical to eat seafood straight out of the water. After visiting an fish market, and seeing some vibrantly colored fish, we settled on eating at a place called WeGo in English. The pronunciation is actually more like WeiGuh. The owner was a very informative on how they catch their fish. In the dead of the night, they would go diving with bright lamps. The lamps would attract the fish with its mystic glow while the diver would use a spear them. This is a much less stressful for the fish with no physical exertion or lactic acid in the muscle during the process. The ending product is a fish that is tastier than net or hook caught. I would concur. The fish was really very tasty.

Among freshly caught fish, there were also other items like escargot.

And crabs. We're ordering fresh crabs.

They are getting weighed. That's right about 8 ounces of yum!

And because seafood should not be served without the proper decor, our table had an inset of sand, coral, and shells.

One of the perks of being right on the water is fresh seafood all the time. This lobster is no exception.

Pan-fried pepper shrimp was simply delicious. It was lightly seasoned so that the flavor of the shrimp came through.
Toss with ginger, chiles, basil, and a light sauce and you have a winner!

This is a type of fungus that is native to the area and harvested after it rains. It is tossed with eggs in quick fry. For those who are freaked out by fungus, don't forget that mushrooms are fungii too. This was really tasty.

And lastly, we have very fresh crab. The meat was wonderfully sweet.

If the seafood in Kenting hasn't convinced you to visit if you're in Taiwan, the blue waters surely will.  Also, if you're looking for an affordable resort, try Swan Lake Resort. You'll get to row around these guys.

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