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Monday, February 2, 2015

Traditional #Taiwanese YouTiao Breakfast

If it isn't already apparent, I did a fair bit of eating while I was in Taiwan. You cannot go to Taiwan without having the traditional breakfast of YouTiao, a deep fried stick of dough. YouTiao (pronounced Yo Tao) loosely translated means oil tail - a play on what it looks like.

My cousin took us to one of the most popular youtiao shops in Kaohsiung. It is so popular that the establishment hired officers to direct traffic in front of the shop and to manage the motor scooter parking. There are many youtiao shops all over Taiwan. It is probably best to ask a local which shops in your area have the tastiest ones.
In addition to the youtiao, this place also has pan fried buns. There were amazingly delicious. So yummy!

The youtiao are cut in half, and nested into airy, crusty bread, and packaged into paper bags for service.

Here's what our tray looked like.

OMG. So crunchy and delicious. Bread pocket is one of the crunchiest, no-nonsense breads I've ever had.

Another view of our breakfast.

I'm already ready to go back for more. The traditional drink with this is soybean milk. We got a few pan fried yummies too.

The proper way to eat this is like a sandwich. You dip the end into the spicy soy sauce mix they give you on the side. Then you experience happiness in a bun. 

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