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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Holy Mole! Red Iguana made me religious!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! A holiday is an excuse to eat, and that's one excuse I'm going to milk today.

Breakfast = tacos from La Mexicana.
Lunch = Mole Taco from Taco Deli.
Dessert = The Frida (think cinnamon chocolate cake with kahlua buttercream frosting) and carrot cake galore. All from Sugar Mama's Bakeshop in Austin.
Dinner = Not sure yet. It will be Mexican, spicy, and with a beer. :o)

Speaking of Mexican food, I finished my review of Red Iguana in Salt Lake City, Utah. One thing that struck me as odd about this joint was that it was good, I mean DAMN good mole in the Utah. Tasty. Review here.

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