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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cupcake Smackdown1.0 Wrap-up: update and future events

I have not announced the total dollar amount that was raised at Cupcake Smackdown1.0. I'm still waiting for 1 more email. :0) The cutest cupcake contest alone raised $520.

Thank you everyone for coming to the First Cupcake Smackdown 1.0. I never imagined that this event would grow into the #cupcakeriot that is became. When I first approached the bar owners, I told her we just wanted to get a group of 20 people on their deck with cupcakes. Little did I know that 20 turned into over 1000 people. I have this habit of just going the whole hog when I do things. A big thanks to One-2-One bar for being able to accommodate all of us! Also, I've already been offered 3 venues for next year. If there is a next year. :o)

I'm also posting second place winners in each of the categories sometime later today. There were some really awesome tasting cupcakes with as little as 1.5 points between 1st and second and third place. Great job, Austin!

Future possible events:
Gluten-free and Vegan Smackdown (encompassing all foods and drinks)
Taco Smackdown
Pizza Smackdown

Changes for a possible Cupcake Smackdown2.0:
Decorate your own cupcake booth
Make your own fondant decoration booth
Sell tickets for small tastings of different cupcakes
Modest fee for those entering the blind tasting and cutest cupcake contest
Cutest cupcake contest geared more towards artistry and technique
Wine/cocktail and cupcake pairings
Pre-party for tasting competitors and sponsors

Cupcake Smackdown1.0 photos and blog posts:
HTML clipboard

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And also a BIG thank you to all of our Sponsors:

Rise and Shine Bakery
Polka Dots Bakery
Hill Country Cupcakes
Grand Dog Bakery
Austin Urban Gardens
All in One Bakeshop
Sugar Mama's
Bella Cupcake Couture
Twin Liquors
Mad Cakes
Luxe Sweets
L's Cupcakes
The Cupcake Bar
Wicked Cakes
Danger Cakes
One Last Bite
Cowgirl Cupcakes
Growing Concerns on KUT
One-2-One Bar

I'm truly touched that so many people came together to put on the event. I cannot thank everyone enough. I'm sure I'm forgetting some well-deserved person on this list. Special thanks to:

  • All-In-One Bake shop for supplying the cupcakes for the eating contest - Human division.
  • Grand Dog Bakery for supplying the cupcakes for the eating contest - Canine Division.
  • Austin Urban Gardens for supplying all the plates and utensils for the smackdown.
  • Twin Liquors for the very nice gift basket.
  • Thank you to Cecila Nasti from Growing Concerns at KUT for sponsoring the trophies.
  • Hill Country Cupcakes, Cupprimo, Sugar Mama's, Be My Cupcake, and the Cupcake Bar for providing items for the auction.
  • Traveling Bistro, Cupprimo, L's, Hill Country Cupcake, Delish, PopSoCool, NadaMoo, and Wicked for bringing their yummy treats!
  • VERY special thanks to Ryan (, April (TheHungryEngineer), Kristi (, Brian (, Aaron (, Kay (@atxfoodnews), Veek Newton, Monica Ortiz, Jeffery, Rebecca Otis, and the Wine and Food Foundation Volunteers. The event could not have happened without you. You were all truly amazing.
  • Also, very big thanks to our judges. Thank you to Uchi and Trio at the Four Seasons for letting us borrow your chefs on a busy Saturday night.
  • Rise and Shine Bakery for their generous donation to the event.
  • Thank you to Ariel Nicole for providing the music.
And onto the results:

Best Storefront Chocolate - Walton's
Best Storefront Vanilla - Sugar Mama's
Best Storefront Baker's Choice - Sugar Mama's - The Elvis - banana cake with peanut butter cream
Best Catered Chocolate - Cowgirl Cupcakes
Best Catered Vanilla - L's
Best Catered Baker's Choice - The Cupcake Bar - Tres Leches with Whipped Cream Icing and topped with Toasted Coconut
Best Amateur Chocolate - Amy Blodgett
Best Amateur Vanilla - Laura Kooris
Best Amateur Freestyle - Erica Bommarito - Banana cake swirled with Nutella with a Nutella Buttercream
Best Storefront - Sugar Mama's
Best Catered - Cowgirl Cupcakes
Best Amateur - Erica Bommarito
Best Overall Chocolate - Amy Blodgett (amateur class)
Best Overall Vanilla - Blake Howard (amateur class)
Best Overall Baker's Choice - The Cupcake Bar (catered class) - Tres Leches with Whipped Cream Icing and topped with Toasted Coconut
Cutest Contest (voted by the public for $1 per vote) - One Last Bite Catering with 151 votes
Most Popular - Walton's
Eating Contest Canine division - Logan owned by Cara - 3 cupackes in 11.4 seconds.
Eating Contest Human Division - Chris Floyd 13 cupcakes in 2 minutes.

Second place in Storefront Baker's Choice: Walton's- Key-Lime Cake with Mango-Lime Buttercream topped with Toasted Coconut & and a White Chocolate sand-dollar

Second place in Catered Baker's Choice: Cowgirl Cupcakes- coconut cream - coconut cake with coconut butter cream and toasted coconut flakes

Second place in Amateur Freestyle: Kelly Guerra- confirming flavor

Second place in Storefront Vanilla: PolkaDots

Second place in Catered Vanilla: Cowgirl Cupcakes

Second place in Amateur Vanilla: Blake Howard

Second place in Storefront Chocolate: Sugar Mama's

Second place in Catered Chocolate: One Last Bite

Second place in Amateur Chocolate: Mindy Bayer

Judges again:

Amateur Class:
Teddy Babcock -
Peter Tsai – - the Foodingblog photographer \ writer with a taste for fun
Paloma Efron– Paloma Custom Cakes - Cake decorating goddess. And damn fine baker, too.
Kristen Speyer - Betty Crocker in disguise - Are you looking at my cupcakes?
Jenna Noel – Associate Publisher of Edible Austin - I drink frosting for breakfast.

Catered Class:
Michelle Cheng – - Attorney and Cupcake at Law

Chris Palomares - Chow Chow Connoisseur - Opa to cupcakes!
Ryan Snedgar - "Ryan, Chief Arb
iter of Cupcakes"
Kristin Owens- Do512 - It's not the size of the Cup it's the shake of the Cake
Marshall Wright - - food writer/photographer

Jessica Maher – Spoon & Co. - Eats cupcakes in a single bite

Lisa Lawless – -Red head with a palate for red velvets

Chris Speyer - Chief taster of the Speyer Ranch - Will judge for booze

Brian Dorman -

Darrell Joseph – BellaVerdiFarms - I grow cupcake farms.

Finals Round:
Todd Duclephan – Executive Chef at Trio/Four Seasons - I could judge cupcakes in my sleep.

Nataya Anderson – -The REAL Everyday Foodie
Phillip Speer – Pastry Chef at Uchi -Want some Uni on your cupcake?
Jodi Bart – Tasty Touring and KGSR - Has anyone invented a cupcake top?

Devrah Otten - winner of the tasting competition portion of That Takes The Cake(2008 and 2009) - Cupcake Mistress of the Delicious.


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  3. It was big, big fun! I'm impressed with the money raised for the Foundation. I can't believe how many people came out! It was totally a packed house.

  4. We had a great time! Do you know how much was raised for the foundation in the end?

  5. I had a ton of fun, can't wait until next year!

  6. Erica,

    I didn't get to try your cupcakes! That's what I get for being the organizer. No cupcakes. :o( Except the cupcake wrecks at the end.

  7. Fantastic event and a HUGE success. Congrats!


  8. What you didn't get to taste them....we will have to fix them! Next time I whip up a batch, I will save you one!!


  9. Nope. :o( I would LOVE one! :o) Nutella = heaven in a jar.

  10. Thanks again for hosting such a great event. I'm intrigued by these future smackdowns!

  11. That was the most fun I had on a Saturday afternoon in some time. Thanks for including me...and super-impressive job with the organization!

  12. That was the most fun I had on a Saturday afternoon in some time. Thanks for including me...super-impressive organization, and so much fun!

  13. 2nd Place Amateur Freestyle by Kelly Guerra = Coconut Lime Cupcakes with Lime Curd Swiss Buttercream!


    Go, Kelly!!!

  14. Soooooooo that's whose cakes they were. I wish I had one.

  15. We really enjoyed it so thanks for hosting and blogging about it. Now where can we get those yummy porter chocoalte cupcakes that you sent a tweet about earlier?

  16. Awesome event! We really enjoyed it so thank you for hosting it and blogging about it. Now where can we get those yummy porter chocolate cupcakes that you sent a tweet about earlier?

  17. Such a lovely event! Maybe next year, we can incorporate some "wedding cupcakes" or something similar. Let us know how we could help!

  18. Dude! A Wedding Cake Smackdown would be awesome!

  19. Wish I could have been there! Sounds like some serious good-time sugar highs were felt this day.

    Carrie of