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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review of the Day Celebration@Swad Monday, Aug 24th, 7pm

Wednesday, August 19th, My review of Swad got Review of the Day (ROTD). Review of the Day on Yelp is determined by an algorithm of sorts. It is supposedly determined by the number of votes a review recieves in ratio to the number of friends and reviews the user already has. It also makes sure that there is equal spacing between getting ROTDs so that the same user doesn't get many ROTDs in a row. At least that's what Yelp HQ says. I've noticed that the core group of active Yelp users usually get a ROTD once every 3-5 months or so. There are new users to Yelp who get them as well, but on a less frequent basis, though a higher proportion of their reviews may become ROTD.

Review of the Day Celebrations are gatherings at the location of the review that was selected for ROTD. Getting ROTD doesn't mean that the user did anything in particular to earn it, but there's a gathering for the sake of getting together for food and drinks. Celebrations are usually spontaneous and held soon after the day it was selected. The gatherings are usually low-key, laid-back, and come and go as you please. There are no tickets or rsvps required, you just pay for what you eat.

You are officially invited to ROTDC @ Swad. It will be on Monday, August 24th, at 7:00 pm. Swad serves South Indian Style street food. Join me for some fabulous samosas, the thali special, and dosas. No RSVP required, but please comment or @ me so I know how many beer infused treats to bring. Every celebration needs something with booze. Bonus points if you show up in traditional Indian style dress.

Original Review below:

Best Samosas so far. I had a hankering for Indian Food today, and I decided to introduce myself to Swad. I ordered the samosas (2.95) and a poori (1.00), as I was saving room for more food later on. The poori was light, fluffy, and amazingly delicious. Think of it as a fluffy, fried flat bread. I think I devoured it all within 36 seconds.

The samosas were the biggest I've seen so far. They were about the size of my fists, which aren't small. I have big piano playing hands. I had to cut them in half. Crunchy and firm on the outside, hot and spicy on the inside. They were so spicy that I literally started to cry in the restaurant. *sniff sniff*munch munch munch* sniff sniff* tear* These samosas absolutely wonderful.

I think I'm in love with those samosas. They make me want to put on my choli and lengha, and dance around barefoot in the backyard. I'll be back for more. See ya soon, Thali special.

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