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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

@Mousethedog is a big purple cow!

We all know the concept of a purple cowSeth Godin repeatedly uses the concept purple cow to describe something that is different, stands out, and that is remarkable.  You probably won't make a remark about brown cow, especially driving around in Texas.  But if you see a purple cow, I'll bet $100 you'll make a remark.  Even if the cow is lavendar, deep purple, maybe even magenta-y purple, that $100 bet is still on.  Let me introduce one of my purple cows.

My big dog is a purple cow.  Not really.  He's only about 125 lbs, and tri-colored (called Irish spotted).  But he is a great purple cow if you're talking about something different and remarkable.  A few things make him a great purple cow. Disclaimer: I love my dog.  This list might be biased. 

  • His sheer size makes people comment. And the comments are usually somewhat funny.  "I bet he eats a lot."  He actually doesn't.   "I bet he takes up the entire bed." I actually have a king sized, and he's not allowed in the bedroom  "I bet he takes big poops."  Actually, being on raw diet, he has little poops.
  • His Irish spotting is very distinct.  He stands out.  His colors are striking.  
  • His head is bigger than yours.  See picture above.  No joke.  He's a BIG boy.
  • It isn't everyday that you see a dog in a horse buggy.  Not only is my dog's appearance remarkable, but his skills and activities are as well.  There are many events that we attend regularly where people ask for him.  He's remarkable and memorable. 
  • He's become a mascot at many of the activities I attend, gaining more publicity than I have.  I'm pretty sure he's been on television more often than I have been, so far anyways.

When Mouse does events, being remarkable pays off.  Not only is he extremely friendly and outgoing, he knows how to work a crowd. Note: I didn't teach him any of this.  When people start walking by his donation jar, he looks at them with sad pathetic eyes.  When they show interest, he wags his tail just a bit.  When they come up to him, he goes full fledge into shameless mode pushing his donation jar towards them.  Not only is he remarkable, he loves to make friends.  It has been said that Mouse should do social media, because the basic premise it to make friends.  Mouse is an accomplished friend maker.  

I've loaned him out to vendor booths at events, and we frequently do fund raising for various groups.  When we work the Houston Eukanuba Shows, he's sometimes able to pull in several hundred dollars a day laying on the ground.  The last time we attended the show, we earned 98% of what our rescue group got all weekend long.  Mouse and I: 98%.  Six other people and four dogs: 2%.  Yep.  I think he has a great method down.  My dog is a remarkable oxytocin machine.   He is available for rent and for social media consulting. 

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  1. awww! gotta love mouse! :-) i would also say that part of what makes mouse (and many other swissys) so remarkable is that they are such lovable goofballs. many people see these big dogs that look kinda like rottis and expect them to be mean or scary. but instead, they're big loves who are so gentle and kind. they make people re-evaluate their initial assumptions.