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Friday, September 17, 2010

GABF 2010 #1: Cooking with some Master Chefs

@Windaddict and I arrived a few days prior to the Great American Beer Festival to spend some times with friends.  @BeachBumChris invited us over for dinner at @SpeakEasyKitch's home, to which we gladly accepted.  They met on the set of Master Chefs, so dinner was sure to be a treat.  The menu consisted of fruit and veggies fresh out of the garden, an array of delicious cheeses,  shrimp etouffee, and a variety of beers to pair.  @SpeakEasyKitch's garden was overflowing with plump, fresh tomatoes, plums, and crisp kale.  I brought some plum seeds home to plant.   Photos by John M. P Knox.

Before dinner, we stopped by the cutest little ice cream shop ever.  Little Man Ice Cream wins in the creative and cuteness category. 

Chopped veggies. 

An Oyster stout with dinner. 

Cooking down the veggies.

The beer line up.  Note, we didn't try them all. I didn't anyways.

Finished dinner.  Thanks @SpeakEasyKitch and @BeachBumChris for the hospitality. 


  1. Have you explained to your readers what it means to "bring some plum seeds home to plant"?

  2. Mouse planted the cantaloupe only. I plant the other stuff like a normal person! Thank you so much for having us.