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Friday, September 17, 2010

GABF 2010 #3: Visiting Euclid Hall

Euclid Hall is generating its fairshare of buzz.  From Austin to Denver, from locals in Denver to Tweeps across the country, we kept hearing about Euclid Hall.  So after @theartofbeer's birthday party, @windaddict and I strolled down to check it out.  Euclid has only been open for about 6 weeks, and we'd say that they are full of potential.  Even though Euclid was offering beer and small plate pairings for $5 each, we were so hungry that we decided to get regular size portions.  The menu at Euclid is all a la carte and not your typical bar fare.

I ordered the cheesesteak (9.50) that was served with a cheese sauce, picked onions and jalapenos on a hoagie roll.  The meat was perfectly tender and well-balanced with the flavors of the mild cheese sauce and sour vegetables. 

TheBrat Burger (9.50) came highly recommended so we gave it a try.  Served on a bretzel bun with pickled cabbage, thousand island dressing, and Jarlsberg cheese, this dish is certainly for those who love brats.  It is a hearty sandwich with a sturdy bun to match.

 On the side, we ordered the hanger steak and braised short rib poutine fries with Wisconsin cheese curds.  While I enjoyed this dish, I think a few tweaks, it could be outstanding.  The fries were a bit unevenly cooked with some being a light golden color, and some being a darker crunchier brown.  With the heavy toppings on the fries, I think a little crunchier could have helped the fries hold up to the toppings.  Our serving was a little heavy on the cheese (more cheese than fries), and a slightly bit over sauced.  The gravy topping was fairly salty and tangy which overpowered the flavors of all the other items.  If I get the chance to try Euclid before I leave, I'd try a poutine dish again.

If you have a place in your heart for deep fried foods (DFF), this dish is for you.  These pig ear fries ($5) weren't like any that I've ever had.  These fries are time consuming to make.  The ears are first braised for some time (I think the chef said 4 hours), flattened, the cartilage cleaned off and removed, sliced thinly, and then battered/coated, and fried.  The results are little crispy shells surrounding the soft skin of pig ears. This dish is one for DFF-lovers.  If you aren't a fan of DFF, you might want to skip this one. 

Pretzel pies (7.50) are somewhat like deep fried pies, however the crust is made with a mixture of pretzel and pie dough.  One order comes with three of these little pies in three flavors: chocolate, cheesecake, and peach.  I thought they were fairly tasty, though the crust was a bit tough. 

We didn't order these, but they sure did look good.  Waffle ice cream sandwiches.  Mmm........

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