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Friday, September 17, 2010

GABF 2010 #2: Concerts for Kids Community Garden

On Wednesday morning, @WindAddict and I met up with @BisonBrew for some lunch at the Concerts for Kids Farmer's Market.  While we were there, we samples many delicious bites, but there was one vendor that really stole the show.  The Inventing Room's dessert cart boasted inventive techniques and flavor combinations.  Collectively, we all decided that the mint chocolate space foam was the first thing to try.  What appeared to be mint chocolate whipped cream was placed on a spoon (see below), then dropped into liquid nitrogen.  This isn't liquid nitrogen ice cream though.  What resulted were frozen puffs of cream resembling divinity cookies.  One pop into your mouth, and you'll soon see that these were just a little colder than cookies; they were freezing!  Even for three adults, these treats were pretty fun to eat, and I wish I had gotten to sample other offerings from the Inventing room.

Whipped cream going on the spoon.

It is ALIVE!  Not really.  It is just freezing in liquid nitrogen. 

@BisonBrew is breathing out cold air.  The foam is pretty cold so it can freeze your tongue. 

We found a cupcake truck, but before we could settle down to enjoy a lunch, we were distracted by something else. 

A Concerts for Kids volunteer approached us and asked if we wanted a tour of the garden and if we needed a bag.  I was kind of confused, but we went on the tour anyways.  It turns out that the community garden is open to the public during specified hours.  The public is invited to harvest the fruits and vegetables of the garden.  Donations are accepted on behalf of Concerts for kids.  @windaddict, @BisonBrew, and I got to enjoy picking strawberries, okra, and noshing on fresh squash blossoms.  I'm bringing some okra seeds home for planting.  I love the idea of a community garden, and I was thoroughly impressed with the vibrant and lush garden in downtown Denver. 

@BisonBrew noshing on a strawberry. 


Another view of the garden.

Giant Squash.

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