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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Affair with the @ChevyVolt

I admit.  My feelings are changing.  I’ve been flirting with Chevy for the last three years or so, not long after I returned from my 48 states drive for the best fuel economy.  We started with a date in several different vehicles, and a blind date with the Chevy Volt in 2010.  I got a preview, but I didn't get a great sense of it back then as my preview was rather short.  

When I received an email about participating with Chevy for SXSW 2013, I was definitely interested in seeing how the Volt changed over the last few years.  A big thanks goes out to Chevy for providing me with a super slick ride during SXSW.  This year, Chevy was kind enough to loan me a 2013 Volt for a week and provide a badge for SXSW Interactive. I have test driven many vehicles before, and this one is by car one of the sexiest rides of all time.

The particular model I received was just beautiful.  With a sleek deep blue exterior, the striking black leather and white leather trim was reminiscent of a spaceship.  I’ve never had a sexy car before, and now I’ve been spoiled.  

For a car that gets a relatively high EPA mileage, the hatchback makes it very roomy.  With the seats folded down, a windsurfing mast and surfboard easily fit into the back.  Also, the folded down platform can easily accommodate two large Swissies with no crate. I’d probably get some custom made barriers to fit the slope of the hatchback for having dogs in the back.  

Oh SEXY Chevy!

During our time with the Chevy folks, we learned that the 2015 Volt was supposed to have WIFI!!!  It would be its own mobile hotspot, and it would likely be a monthly subscription model much like a 3g iPad.  With hands free Siri (because we don’t want you to text and drive), you can get stuff done without every having your hands leave the wheel or eyes off the road.  

Dear Volt,  I’m glad we got to spend some quality time together.  I feel like I really got to know you (See Hacking the Chevy Volt), and I can’t wait to have another affair.  

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