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Thursday, May 2, 2013

@AustinFoodWine Festival - Taste of Texas

Another great change with this year's Austin Food and Wine Festival were the evening events.  Neither of the evening events, Taste of Texas and Rock Your Taco, were crowded or pushy.  The lines moved quickly, and people were having a blast the entire time.  While there were little changes to the naked eye and approximately the same number of attendees at the evening events this year, I have a feeling that the behind the scenes logistics were spot on.  Enjoy! 

Prior to joining the Taste of Texas, I interviewed some of the star chefs.  Here's Christina Tosi (Momomilkbar) and Paul Qui (Qui Austin and East Side Kings).

Andrew Zimmerm, Graham Elliot, and Merline Verrier.

The drinks are being poured for the crowd. 

A chef at Jason Daddy's table preps the limes.

Tim Brynes does a sexy hair toss in front of his grilled oysters.

Team Qui Austin smiles for the camera, kinda.  Jorge Hernandez (previously from Mini Bar by Jose Andres in DC)  isn't even looking!

Mmmmmm....... sammiches. I really love this photograph.  I think it captures the soul of why these guys excel in the kitchen.  They truly love their work. Chef Jorge smiles at the sammiches.  Chef Tim works methodically in making sammich lines.  Chef Paul looks on adoringly. 

The Qui Sammich: grilled with brie, kimchi, and apple.  It was quite fantastic.

Team Uchi!

Philly Speer burns up the Kitchen Aid as it freezes ice cream.  I'm totally kidding.  The Kitchen Aid was perfectly fine. 

Spring pea dessert and deconstructed banana fosters. 

Mouse wanted to come to the party with Pass and Provisions.  This was probably one of them most interesting ways to serve a soup.  One end was sealed, soup ladled in, and topped with warm brioche.   

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