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Monday, December 2, 2013

Flip Burger in Atlanta

During a recent visit to Atlanta, I stopped by Flip Burger on the recommendation of Peter Tsai.  I saw foie gras shakes on the menu, and their milkshakes are made with liquid nitrogen.  That was enough to intrigue me.  The shake was interesting for sure, but it wasn't drastically different from other shakes aside from the liquid nitrogen smoke on the top.  The mild flavor and richness of foie was satisfying, but not wild.  It is something to try once. 

For my solid foods, I order the burger trio with fries.  My favorite burger was the fried chicken burger and the fries.  The other two were tasty, but I'd probably only order the chicken burger again.  With fries.  The fries are in the top 5 of best fries I've ever had. 

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