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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2014 Austin Food and Wine Taste of Texas

The Austin Food and Wine Festival's Taste of Texas brought some great finds from Dallas and San Antonio.  I'm so glad to see that chefs from other Texas cities were getting some love. 

This braised beef cheek by Grace in Dallas was a standout dish.  It was so tender, juicy, structured, yet delicate.  It was really one of the best pieces dishes served that night. 

This was the egg from Ramen Tatsu-ya.  Topped with a savory mix of bacon and onions, this was nostalgic bite of heaven. 

Here's Diego Galicia of Mixtli in San Antonio with his nephew's Flat Stanley and my Google Glass. 

His offering was blue corn masa macaron.  It was quite tasty.

Here's the adorable Jason Dady presenting dishes from his new venture, Umai Mi

Fried rice, shallots, and basil = yum. 

Another great hit from Houston, Chef Terrence from Pass and Provisions.  He's making deep fried lamb ribs. 

These were probably some of the best "non-traditional barbeque" ribs.  They were first deep fried, dipped into a sweet sauce, and covered with sesame seeds and greens.  Oh, so, delicious. 

And lastly, here's an egg crepe and sausage offering from Lenoir.  I love their interpretation of crepes!

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