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Monday, January 19, 2015

Amazing Seafood and Amazing Views at Yeh Liu Geo Park in #Taiwan

On the final day in Taiwan, my uncle took us on a trip to the Yeh Liu Geo Park on the north side of Taiwan.  Leaving from the Taipei train station, you'll take the 1815 bus here. You won't get lost because there are tons of crowds going to the park. The big attractions here are these rock formations created through erosions - the most famous one being the Queen's head.

Many of these formations look like mushrooms, and here I am doing a Super Mario Brother's jump up onto the mushroom. *It was just a photo. No natural landmarks were harmed in the photos.

The views at the park were just beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

Even in all of its beauty, we're still having some laughs. I'm helping pick the Queen's nose.

@Windaddict gives the Queen a peck.

And then I pet a cat. It is really amazing that natural erosion could create something so complex and interesting.

This is a really good place for some soul searching and meditation.

The washing of the waves against the rock was spectacular to the point of hypnotic. If you're into looking at our beautiful planet, put this park on your list.

As we left the shop, there was an market of the seafood caught fresh. These are fairly small squid. They are about the size of my thumb.

Here's some small shrimp that are often fried to release their fragrance and added to rice and noodle dishes. 

These are conch's at the market. The seafood here is unbelievable.

Around the park, you'll see many fishing boats. These were squid boats being worked on by Phillipino fishermen. The lights on top of the boat would be lowered into the water late at night to attract squid. Nets would then scoop them up. You can see the particular squid in the previous photos.

Located around the park are plenty of seafood restaurants with ultra fresh fare. This isn't what we had, but I snapped a photo of someone else's food as it came whizzing by.

I'm telling you that the seafood is uber fresh. It is a little difficult to see the crabs with the moving water, but they are alive and fiesty.

And now they are cooked and delicious with thick noodles.

This was whole foods, but I already started to to deconstruct the entire thing and eat it. I've bee known to do that to fish - eat the entire thing that is.
These were some gingery and basil-y mussels. It is really difficult to describe the flavor of fresh seafood. Sweet and like the ocean air a commonality in the seafood we've had.  If you're in Taiwan, have seafood as much as possible. Taiwanese recipes will accentuate the flavor of the seafood and not cover it in heavy batter or sauces.

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