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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Berry Fairy and Cupcake Fairy - when parallel worlds collide

I'm a statistical anomaly, and I'm used to it.  I thought I had holed myself in a niche with my hobbies, but apparently not.  This past Summer, I discovered I had a stunt double in a parallel universe.  That other universe is Houston.  Late in July 2009, there were some Flavor Tripping parties at the Belmont.  Come to find out, the organizer of these events is Jenny Wang from Houston.

She writes about food.  I write about food. 
Her name is Jenny.  My name is Jennie
Her other name is the "Berry Fairy."  My name is the "Cupcake Fairy." 
She organizes food throwdowns in Houston such as the Bivalve Throwdown and the Fried Chicken Throwdown.  I organized the Cupcake Smackdown in Austin (with others coming in the future).  

It just gets more confusing from there.  The last week of July, Jenny was on one of the news stations promoting the Flavor Tripping party.  Everyone thought that was me.  I was on Fox News promoting the Cupcake Smackdown just two days later.  Needless to say, it took a while for some people to realize that there were two Jenny(ie)s.  One from H-town, and One from the ATX.  I'm in Houston on a fairly regular basis as well.  If you see me around either city, don't be afraid to say, "Hi!"  I might just have some treats on me. 

Jennie "Cupcake Fairy" and Jenny "Berry Fairy" having a beer at St. Arnold's Party. Photo by John Knox.

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