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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GABF 2011: Denver's Cow Parade and Botanical Garden

No Great American Beer Festival trip is complete without checking out some local fun.  As usual, a pit stop to Snooze was in order.
Snooze never disappoints.  While some might claim that Syrup is better, Snooze is my favorite.  I absolutely LOVE their pancakes. 

Austin is currently having a cow parade, and so was Denver!  Here's some cows on mall. 

This cow has stamps from other locations who were currently having cow parades

But why no stamp of Austin, TX?

And one from the rear. 

During our trip, we met with @PintsandPanels for a bite at Pat's.  Pat's turned out to be a Philly cheese steak place that was filled with Philly (the baseball team) fans.  The cheesesteaks were pretty delicious, and extremely inexpensive.  This was a Biggie which was four 6 inch long sandwiches and chips for just under $14.  This is another place that I'd love to visit again.   

I saw these unique plants while going on a walk.  These things were fuzzy.  No joke.

Texas might have BBQ, salsa, and queso,  but Denver has green chile.  Green chile is one of my favorite foods, and Denver sure does have a plethora of it. 

On Sunday afternoon, we took a stroll down to the Denver Botanical Gardens.  Enjoy!

Lily pads bigger than your face!

I wound up finding those fuzzy plants at the Denver Botanical Gardens.  They are called Lamb's Ears, and I'm infatuated with the idea of having them in the garden!

This is my view sometimes.

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