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Thursday, November 3, 2011

GABF 2011: Farm to Table Pavilion's Tasty Bites

The popularity of food and beer pairings is still growing.  It was evidence by the swarm of people in the Farm to Table Pavilion at the Great American Beer Festival.  The food this year looked fantastic, but I had to run around quickly to take photos of it before the sun went down.  Lighting inside the building can be a problem for photos.  This year's pavilion was so crowded that I was unable to get any photos of the food next to their proper descriptions or next to the appropriately paired beer.  Nonetheless, the food I tasted was pretty darn good.  Next year, I shall try to arrive earlier and bust my way through the crowds like a hungry honey badger. 

This came from a pig.  Enough said. 

This was one of my favorite offerings.  A lamb burger on an incredibly soft bun. 

Lamb belly.  Like pork belly, but with lamb.  This was also pretty fantastic. 

I don't think I actually got to eat one of these. 

Chorizo on a stick.  I remember it being tasty, and I remember it being served with some Dogfish beer. 

This was really fantastic.  I grabbed one as during my first round of photos.  I'm sure it had a fancy proper name that I didn't remember.  I remember it being like a sweet cream custard with chocolate and brittle. 

I didn't get to have one of these. 

Or any of these. 

I didn't get to try any of these either.

Or this.  I'm one sad blogger. All photos, very little tasting.  However, the ones I did try were pretty fantastic. 

This little guy gets the cutest boy at GABF award.  What a cutie pie!

And here's a picture for Rich from New Holland Brewing.  We met at Tales of the Cocktail a few months prior.  Did you know that New Holland also makes spirits?  They have one called Hopquila that is made with hops!

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