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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cupcake Smackdown1.0 - Winner's recipes on Plate and Vine Interactive Cookbook

You might have remembered Cupcake Smackdown1.0.  Did you remember that the top 3 winners also had their recipes featured in Plate to Vine Interactive Cookbook?  The recipes are up, and if you want them (plus many more awesome recipes from local chefs), the interactive cookbook is available for purchase or even as a gift.  Check it out here, and Happy Cooking!

And since I forgot to mention it before, Cupcake Smackdown1.0 raised $1,007.25 for the Wine and Food Foundation's Pastry Scholarship.  Thanks, Austin for being awesome.
Craving a cupcake?
Cupcakes seem to be the most popular item to bake in 2009! We all know that cupcakes are a classic treat that everyone loves to bake and share, but recently a cupcake craze has taken the country by storm.  Not that we are complaining, but you've probably noticed that cupcakes are served in every trendy bakery and cupcake cafes and even trailers have popped up on just about every corner.  This frenzy has definitely kept cupcakes on the brain!
On August 1, over 1000 cupcake lovers from around Texas got together at Austin's first annual Cupcake Smackdown 1.0.  The event hosted cupcake contestants from caterers, store owners, and the regular home-baker in categories like Best Chocolate Cupcake, Best Vanilla Cupcake, and Baker's Choice Best All Around Cupcake.  For the general cupcake enthusiast, the event hosted cupcake eating contests and even cupcake eating contests for dogs!  Cupcake Smackdown 1.0 was hosted by Jennie Chen, local Austin food blogger (, and benefited The Wine & Food Foundation of Texas.  In an effort to indulge our Plate & Vine users with the hottest cupcakes in town, we have selected 3 of the Cupcake Smackdown winners to share their secret recipes with us and join the Plate & Vine family of chefs!
1. Best Overall Chocolate - Chef Amy Blodgett-Padilla's Mocha Chocolate Cupcakes
2. Best Overall Vanilla - Chef Blake Howard's Sunny Side Upcakes
3. Best Overall Baker's Choice - Chef Lori Schneider's Tres Leches Cupcakes 
So next time you're craving a cupcake, you can find the tastiest ones on Plate & Vine!  They are a fun way to show your friends and family you care, whether it is a special occasion or just because!
Go crazy for cupcakes,
Plate & Vine Interactive Cookbook Tea

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  1. This event was so great! Are you planning to do it again in 2010?

    -Amy Blodgett-Padilla