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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mischief in Marfa - Day 2.1

We started off Marfa Day 2 with breakfast at Austin Street Cafe with a group from Fort Worth.  Austin Street Cafe is like a golden retriever; easy to fall in love with it.  Austin Street Cafe is owned by Lisa and Jack Copeland who bought the location after they visited Marfa.  Through a long renovation project, they turned a contractor's nightmare into a gorgeous and charming home.  The front part of the home is a restaurant, and the rest of it is private living quarters.  Though the cafe is only open for service on Sundays, Austin Street Cafe also hosts private parties on the other days of the week as well as creating beautiful weddings cakes.  Let's start the photo tour of Austin Street Cafe

Mimosas and a pastry to start.

Working in the kitchen.

Greens and Eggs topped with beans and salsa.  This dish was absolutely amazing.  The green came right from the backyard.

The greens that went into breakfast. After the satisfying breakfast, Jack and Lisa took us on a tour of their lovely home.

Lisa plays the harp, but she didn't play for us today.

A kitchen sink that was turned into a bathroom sink.

The original bathtub of the home, after renovations of course.

A reclaimed space that Lisa uses as the sewing room.  All materials were reclaimed, restored, and rebuilt.  The inside of the floor (next photo) was just full of character.  The company that made this room is called Reclaimed Space based in Austin, TX.

The floor is entirely wood.

Inside of the chicken coop.  Cute as a button.

You can turn him on or off. He's in the chicken coop. 
Austin Street Cafe is a must visit location in Marfa.  If you like the location, give Jack and Lisa a call.  There's a place to stay very close to the cafe.  That's where I'm staying next time I visit Marfa.
10:30 am - Next stop of our group was a tour at Chinati, home of multiple art works.  Rather than give away all the details of these works and artists, I'll just show you some photos.  I'll let the tour guide give you the scoop when you visit. 

Numbers exhibit.

John in the exhibit.  Rather, John's reflection in the exhibit.

Go into the light.

No one was sure what this is, but it was found in the military mess hall.

The foodie in me thinks that this is more like industrial cooking equipment rather than modern art.

"Use your head, don't lose your head." I think that's what it says anyways.

The door of the Chamberlain exhibit.  @PureAmber and @MMPackEatWrite are standing outside.

And here's me sleeping on an exhibit at the Chamberlain exhibit.   Many people napped on the exhibit. I look like I'm on a commercial for mattresses. Photo by John Knox.

Lunch was at Pizza Foundation.  The pizza was amazing with a perfectly crispy crust, but the service might need some adjusting.  Also, doesn't that Hybrid Tahoe look familiar? Yep. It's the same one I had during the renewable energy stampede.

The pizza was delicious! I'd recommend going, but don't expect smiles and welcomes.
After lunch, we perused some local shops, and we came across these in the Marfa Book Store.

Photo by John Knox

Photo by John Knox
Stay tuned to Day 2.2. I'm ready for a nap now.

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