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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Truffle me this

Twas the night before Santa Rampage, and all the creatures were stirring, even a Mouse.....Photos by John Knox.

The night of Santa Rampage, @windaddict and I decided to have a Happy Hour dinner at Trio in the Four Seasons.  It had completely slipped my mind that it was also the day that Trio would be offering a special truffle dish with real alba truffles for $65.  These alba truffles were a hefty $3,300 per pound.  That is in USD.  Chef Todd somehow talked us into placing an order for the truffle dish.  This dish, according to Todd, is very simple and very tradition.  Comprised of only duck egg pasta, butter, parmesan, and truffles, it was absolutely fabulous.  The duck pasta was long flat noodles that had the same width as the shaved truffles.  It was also cooked al dente so that it also had the same texture of the shaved truffle pieces.  It was genius.  Everything tasted like shaved truffles even though there was just a bit shaved on.  Also, if you haven't tried real truffles yet, just try it once.  It is absolutely divine. 
The precious, precious white alba truffle.

Todd shaves alba truffles on the duck egg pasta.

The delicious truffle dish.

The empty bowl. 

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  1. See, this is totally unfair. I was all adrool over the pic of this dish when you tweeted it; now I have to suffer through massive food envy AGAIN over this post! It's just awful!!!